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2010-01-16 10:42:00

DETROIT, Jan. 16 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Yesterday, Federal Judge Avern Cohn ruled that representatives of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters had the constitutional right to handbill inside the lobby of the Cobo Center during the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) and directed the city's police department to not interfere with the union's actions. The ruling was handed down as a result of the Teamsters Union filing a complaint for injunctive relief in U.S. District...

2009-08-31 13:16:32

On Monday, Toyota Motor announced that it was developing anti-drunk driving equipment that would lock the ignition of a vehicle if high levels of alcohol were detected in the driver. Toyota said in a statement that the system has a hand-held breathalyzer that includes a camera, which detects alcohol consumption and photographs the driver's face for identification. According to the company, if the driver tests positive for alcohol, then the system either warns him or her, or locks the...

2009-07-21 11:15:44

Ford Motor Co.'s newest vehicles had fewer problems than any other U.S. or foreign manufacturer, a survey of initial quality says. The survey, conducted for Ford by the market research firm RDA Group of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., puts Ford automobiles ahead of those of Japanese rival Toyota Motor Corp., a Ford quality group vice president said. We've been tied with Toyota before, but it sure feels better to be on the top! The Detroit News quoted Bennie Fowler, Ford's global head of quality, as...

2009-06-29 08:50:00

Toyota Motor Corp. has created a way of moving a wheelchair around by using brain waves, without the person having to move or speak. Toyota's system, created with Japanese researchers, is one of the swiftest in the world in scrutinizing brain waves, they announced in a press release on Monday. Although previous systems needed only a few seconds to interpret brain waves, the new technology needs an unparalleled 125 milliseconds, or 125 thousandths of a second. For the wheelchair to work, the...

2009-06-23 09:59:09

Japanese auto giant Toyota Motor Corp. officially handed the reins of the company to Akio Toyoda, the grandson of the company founder, Tuesday. Toyoda, dubbed the Prince by Japanese media, took over as the company's president through official board action, CNN reported. It has been 14 years since a family member ran the company, which foundered last year, posting its first annual loss in 70 years. In the year ending March 31, Toyota lost $4.5 billion. To date, it has lost an additional $7.7...

2009-06-11 06:09:53

According to a Toyota Motor Corp executive, the company plans to sell 25,000 of its new Lexus hybrid vehicles in the United States within the first 12 months of its sale. The Lexus HS250 hybrid, which will be available in the U.S. later this summer, is the company's first hybrid-only model for the luxury division. Toyota has already seen success in the hybrid market with its industry-leading Prius. "More than 60 percent of entry luxury sedan buyers said they would consider hybrids, and this...

2009-06-05 06:16:59

Green cars in Japan are gaining on conventional vehicles despite the worst recession in decades, offering automakers hope of re-energizing a dwindling market. In May, Toyota Motor Corp's newest Prius hybrid was the best selling vehicle, pulling ahead of Honda's Insight, an industry survey showed. The newly re-modeled Prius ranked first in sales, climbing to 10,915 last month, exceeding Toyota's monthly target. Both automakers have seen a boost in domestic hybrid sales due to government...

2009-05-11 10:35:00

On Monday, Honda Motor Co. said that its new Insight model is now the first hybrid to be crowned Japan's best-selling car last month. The Insight went on sale in early February in Japan, and it was Honda's first real attempt to challenge Toyota Motor Corp., which dominates the gasoline-electric hybrid market. The Japan Automobile Dealers Association showed the Insight selling 10,481 units in April, bring it to number one from 21st place in March. The second place vehicle was the Honda Fit,...

2009-04-14 00:01:00

LAS VEGAS, April 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Integrity Media announces the availability of a report detailing emerging alternative fuel technologies and companies. The report is of interest to investors of automotive equities Ronn Motor Co. (Pink Sheets: RNNM), Honda Motor Company (NYSE: HMC), Toyota Motor Corp. (NYSE: TM), Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F), General Motors (NYSE: GM), and Daimler AG (NYSE: DAI). Ronn Motor Co. recently announced that the company will further broaden its alternative fuel...

2009-04-08 16:44:56

Toyota Motor Corp. may move to put U.S. manufacturing and sales under one powerful U.S. executive, a major shift for its largest market, sources said. The U.S. market has long been a moneymaker for the company, but the U.S. recession and an ill-timed move to make full-sized pickup trucks has shaken the company's confidence, The Detroit News reported Wednesday. Its U.S. sales and manufacturing divisions now report to managers in Japan. But, clearly there needs to be close coordination between...

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