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2011-10-05 18:59:06

A tracheostomy performed within the first seven days after a severe head injury results in better overall patient outcome.

2011-01-28 13:10:24

Using a novel surgical approach, it's possible to rebuild the trachea and preserve a patient's voice after removing an invasive throat tumor.

2010-05-19 09:56:11

Early tracheotomy in ICU patients on mechanical ventilation (MV) did not reduce mortality when compared to later tracheotomy in a study of cardiac surgery patients requiring prolonged ventilation in a Paris study.

2010-04-21 07:40:12

Adult ICU patients who received tracheotomy 6 to 8 days vs 13 to 15 days after mechanical ventilation did not have a significant reduction in the risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia, according to a study in the April 21 issue of JAMA.

2008-10-30 09:00:40

Cook Medical announced today the availability of the Ciaglia Blue Dolphin(TM) Balloon Percutaneous Tracheostomy Introducer, the first device for percutaneous dilational tracheostomy (PDT) procedures that combines balloon dilation and tracheal tube insertion into one step.

2006-01-15 14:19:06

By Michele Gershberg JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Doctors on Sunday performed a tracheotomy on comatose Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, a surgical procedure that could help eventually wean him off a respirator, a hospital statement said.

2006-01-15 10:10:18

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Doctors plan to perform on Sunday a tracheotomy on Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, a surgical procedure that will help wean him off a respirator, a hospital statement said.

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Tracheal Intubation
2013-04-30 13:26:36

Tracheal intubation (commonly known as intubation) is the placement of a flexible plastic tube into the trachea in order to maintain an open airway or to serve as a conduit through which to administer oxygen or other drugs. It is commonly performed in emergency situations and critically ill or injured patients, but intubation is also used in patients who will be undergoing a lengthy surgery that requires them to be under anesthesia for a significant number of hours. In order to intubate,...

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