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2014-05-15 16:20:38

TAMPA, Fla., May 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Defence manufacturer FAUN Trackway USA will showcase a range of expedient mobility solutions at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) in Tampa, Florida from 20 - 22 May. The company's Helicopter Landing Mat (HLM) has been developed to support the needs of armed forces in remote helicopter operations, and is particularly well-suited to expeditionary missions. Based on a system of interlocking military-grade aluminium...

2014-05-09 08:20:35

ANGLESEY, Wales, May 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- FAUN Trackway has secured a significant order from the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) for its portable roadway systems. Denmark is the first country to place an order for a number of FAUN Trackway's latest product, the Medium Ground Mobility System - Beam Dispenser LITE (MGMS-BD LITE). The MGMS-BD LITE was developed following extensive consultations with the Danish armed forces, who specified that they...

Ancient Footprints Give Evidence Of Prehistoric Elephant Social Structure
2012-02-22 13:59:30

An international team of researchers has found the oldest known evidence of how elephant ancestors interacted socially. Researchers from Germany, France, the U.S. and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) analyzed seven-million-year-old footprints discovered at the Mleisa 1 site in UAE The site features long trackways of a single herd of at least 13 elephant individuals that walked through mud and left footprints that hardened. They analyzed the trackway stride lengths to reveal that the...

Image 1 - Researchers Track Half-billion Year Old Predator
2011-11-09 08:57:09

Researchers from the University of Saskatchewan and Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) have followed fossilized footprints to a multi-legged predator that ruled the seas of the Cambrian period about half a billion years ago. "Short of finding an animal at the end of its trackway, it's really very rare to be able to identify the producer so confidently," said Nicholas Minter, lead author of the article on the study, which appears in the latest issue of the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Minter...

2008-05-27 00:05:00

Scientists claim that the recent discovery of two sets of footprints in Yemen is the first of its kind in the Arabian Peninsula. The rare set of footprints belong to a herd of 11 sauropods as well as a single two-legged plant-eating dinosaur from the ornithopod family that flourished from the Late Triassic Period to the Late Cretaceous Period. Researchers say the 150 million-year-old tracks were overlooked until now because they had been hidden by layers of rubble. The discovery was made by a...

2006-03-28 06:56:28

LAS CRUCES, N.M. (AP) - Some Las Cruces-area residents are pushing for protection for thousands of ancient fossil footprints discovered 15 years ago by an amateur geologist. "If the site isn't protected, our fear is it will be lost due to mining, looting and weather," said Keith Whelpley of Las Cruces, chairman of the Paleozoic Trackways Foundation, which was formed recently to push to protect the 290 million-year-old site in the Robledo Mountains. The site changed what scientists know...

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