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2012-07-21 23:03:14

The Royal Council of Real Fairyland announced today that “Creative Child,” a national magazine that provides parents with the latest information on how to nurture their children’s creativity,

2012-06-28 23:02:59

The Tooth Fairy delivers character-building letters that present a girl with one special virtue she gains for each lost tooth.

2012-05-31 23:00:43

The “Magical World of the Real Tooth Fairies,” part of the award-winning book series from TheRealToothFairies.com, is now available on iTunes.

2012-03-17 23:02:36

The Tooth Fairy and the Leprechaun – two cultural icons – join up for a magical burst of St. Patrick’s Day Fun.

2012-01-01 07:50:00

Nutrition and fitness are a big part of people's New Year's resolutions each year.

2011-10-31 07:00:00

Michael Pearl, author of the controversial "To Train Up a Child" just released his newest book, "Training Children to Be Strong in Spirit". Nashville

2011-08-03 12:45:00

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- A recent Visa Inc. survey discovered that even the Tooth Fairy is not immune from the country's lingering economic challenges, leaving an average of $2.60 per tooth, a 40 cent decrease from last year's $3 per tooth.

2011-08-03 13:06:53

In the first nationwide study of stray-bullet shootings, Garen Wintemute, professor of emergency medicine and director of the Violence Prevention Research Program at UC Davis School of Medicine and Medical Center, quantifies mortality and injury among victims of these unexpected events.

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