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2013-12-02 21:36:36

All drivers know from personal experience that they must keep their eyes on the road when driving through curves. But how exactly does looking at the road guide the car through the curve? Cognitive scientist Otto Lappi's dissertation at the University of Helsinki's Faculty of Behavioural Sciences reveals new crucial aspects of eye movements in curve driving. The starting point of the research was the article "Where we look when we steer", originally published in Nature in 1994, and the...

2013-11-29 23:24:16

Guide will explain the best ways to deal with police and the courts after a traffic stop. Denver, CO (PRWEB) November 29, 2013 DrivingHistory.com is set to launch a guide that will help drivers know what they need to do when they see flashing red lights in their rear view mirror, the company said yesterday. “When people get pulled over, they tend to panic,” a DrivingHistory.com spokesman said. “Nobody teaches you in school what you need to do during a traffic stop. Yet, the way you...

2013-11-20 23:29:51

ESCORT Inc., winner of the industry’s best radar detectors top honors, SEMA Show ‘Best New Product’, is demonstrating its new PASSPORT® Max™ High Definition windshield mount radar / laser detector at this week’s Pepcom press event in New York City alongside its award winning MediaFlair™ WiFi® Sharing Accessory. New York City, NY (PRWEB) November 20, 2013 ESCORT Inc. (ESCORTinc.com), recent winner of the SEMA Show ‘Best New Product’ award, is demonstrating the...

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