Latest Tragedy of the commons Stories

2010-09-16 11:04:00

Alternatives to the "tragedy of the commons" detailed for managing natural resources CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Sept. 16 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Nobel Prize winners Douglass C. North, Elinor Ostrom, and Thomas C. Schelling will be among the speakers at a two-day conference on property rights and the management of natural resources such as fisheries, forests, mines, and water, sponsored and organized by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy (www.lincolninst.edu) in conjunction with Elinor Ostrom...

2010-04-30 06:55:00

Research conducted in a computerized microworld by scientists at Arizona State University and Indiana University, including Nobel laureate Elinor Ostrom, show how common-pool resources "“ such as fisheries, forests, water systems or even bandwidth "“ can be managed effectively by self-organized user groups under certain conditions. The findings are published April 30 in the journal Science. "We use different experiments with specially designed computer simulation games that...

2009-07-23 14:24:47

The often-used one-size-fits-all approach to policies aimed at achieving sustainable social-ecological systems needs to be updated with a diagnostic tool to help scholars from multiple disciplines better frame the question and think through the variables, asserts social scientist and political economist Elinor Ostrom."Scholars have tended to develop simple theoretical models to analyze aspects of resource problems and to prescribe universal solutions," Ostrom writes in a Perspective article...

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