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Researchers Solve The Mystery Of Horse Domestication
2012-05-08 10:50:18

Just two days after the Triple Crown, scientists have determined that domestic horses, like the Kentucky Derby winner “I’ll Have Another,” originated on the grassy plains of modern-day Ukraine, southwest Russia and western Kazakhstan.

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Wurttemberger Horse
2014-07-04 08:29:58

The Wurttemberger is a breed of horse that originated in Germany. It was developed by crossing Arabian, Trakehner, Anglo-Norman, Friesian, Spanish, Barb and Suffolk Punch horses with local Warmbloods. The studbook was established in 1895 and the first type of Wurttemberger was bred until the mid-1950s. A Trakehner horse was used from 1943 to 1965 to form a new type of Wurttemberger, which was lighter and more athletic. Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Oldenburg and Thoroughbred was also added to...

Wielkopolska Horse
2014-07-04 08:15:12

The Wielkopolski is a breed of horse that originated in Poland in 1964. It was developed by crossing two breeds of horse that are now extinct, the Pozan and the Mazury. The Pozan was a mixture of Arabian, Thoroughbred, Trakehner and Hanoverian. The Mazury was bred from the Trakehner and Pozen breeds. The offspring became the Wielkopolski horse. Later, Thoroughbred, Arabian and Anglo-Arabian blood was added to the breed. There are two types of Wielkopolski horses. A lighter breed for...

Tori horse
2014-07-03 13:16:45

The Tori is a breed of horse that originated in Estonia. The first breed type was developed between 1890 to 1950 by crossing native mares with European stallions. The Tori’s quality slowly deteriorated from inbreeding depression found in the 1930s. The Tori was then crossed with Breton Post-Horse stallions to alleviate the inbreeding depression. As a result a larger type of Tori was developed and became widespread. Further crossbreeding was introduced with Hanoverian, Holstein and...

Swedish Warmblood Horse
2014-06-27 16:12:14

The Swedish Warmblood is a breed of horse that originated in Sweden during the late 1600s. It was developed by crossing imported horses with local mares. During the 1800 - 1900s, Thoroughbred, Arabian, Hanoverian and Trakehner blood was added. The imported horses used in the crossbreeding were from Denmark, Germany, England, Hungary, France, Russia, Spain and Turkey. Over time, the variety of breeds used, developed the Swedish Warmblood. Today they are exported in large amounts to Europe...

Danish Warmblood
2014-06-10 10:38:35

The Danish Warmblood is a breed of horse from Denmark established in the mid-1900s. It was produced by crossing native Danish mares with choice European stallions. Frederiksborg stock was crossed with Thoroughbred, and the mares were bred with AngloNorman stallions, Thoroughbreds and Trakehners. Over time the mixture of breeds were adjusted to produce the Danish Warmblood horse. The Danish Warmblood registry oversees the approval of stallions for breeding and registering the foals....

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