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2013-02-06 23:00:02

CuraLase is launching a new website to educate patients on a non-invasive therapy to alleviate the pain associated with many conditions. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (PRWEB) February 06, 2013 Locally owned CuraLase Global, Inc. is launching a new website, http://www.curalase.com. For those seeking an effective treatment for the pain associated with many conditions, the new website will be a valuable tool to find answers to their questions. Including the frequently asked question of how...

2012-08-23 23:01:25

Fitness expert and researcher Wayne Wescott, Ph.D reveals the benefits of Marc Pro in national health magazine. Huntington Beach, CA (PRWEB) August 22, 2012 The Marc Pro device can give you an edge over standard strength training when it comes to boosting muscle strength and reducing low back discomfort, according to a new report published in OnSite Fitness Magazine. In a report that appeared in the magazine´s May issue, fitness expert and researcher Wayne Wescott, Ph.D details his...

2012-07-06 23:03:09

Some of the outstanding products from Better Life Devices include the WinStim Therapeutic Ultrasound Device which can be used to apply therapeutic deep heat for the treatment of chronic and sub-chronic medical conditions, such as the reduction of muscle spasms, joint contractures and pain. Their WinStim Ultrasound Electrotherapy Device can be utilized for a wide variety of applications, including use as a TENS or EMS unit, for IFT therapy, and for treating muscle spasms and increasing local...

2012-05-17 12:28:11

Regular exercise may help, according to new study in Pain Stories of athletes bravely "playing through the pain" are relatively common and support the widespread belief that they experience pain differently than non-athletes. Yet, the scientific data on pain perception in athletes has been inconsistent, and sometimes contradictory. Investigators from the University of Heidelberg have conducted a meta-analysis of available research and find that in fact, athletes can indeed tolerate a...

2012-05-14 22:35:21

For people receiving health care for acute and persistent low-back pain, symptoms will improve significantly in the first six weeks, but pain and disability may linger even after one year, states a large study published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). Low-back pain is a common condition that results in significant health care costs, disability and absenteeism in workplaces. However, there are differing views on how quickly and completely people recover from this condition....

2012-05-01 11:00:05

CCNY Advances Electrical Brain Stimulation to Tap Pain Network Migraine pain sits at the upper end of the typical pain scale — an angry-red section often labeled “severe.” At this intensity, pain is debilitating. Yet many sufferers do not get relief from — or cannot tolerate — over-the-counter and commonly prescribed pain medications. Recently, a team of researchers that includes Dr. Marom Bikson, associate professor of biomedical engineering in CCNY´s...

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Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy
2013-03-04 16:24:04

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) is the noninvasive treatment of kidney stones, stones in the gallbladder as well as calcium build ups in the liver using acoustic pulses. Procedure A lithotriptor breaks up the calcium stones without damage being done to the patient through the use of high-intensity, externally-applied, focused acoustic pulses. By laying the patient down on their back and placing a water-filled coupling device under the back at the level of the kidneys, the...

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