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2010-08-31 06:59:00

MUMBAI, India, August 31, 2010 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- - With This Announcement, Glenmark has Clearly Reaffirmed its Position Globally as the Leader in the TRP Space Glenmark Pharmaceuticals today announced the discovery of a Novel Chemical Entity(NCE) 'GRC 17536'. The new NCE program is targeting TRPA1 receptor antagonists for pain and respiratory disorders. TRPA1 belongs to Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) family of ion channels, which have generated a lot of interest as...

2010-06-09 21:37:37

A mutation that enhances the function of a specific ion channel has been identified as the cause of a rare inherited pain disorder. The research, published by Cell Press in the June 10 issue of the journal Neuron, proposes a potential treatment for the disorder and may lead to a better understanding of chronic pain in humans. There are multiple human neurological disorders that have been linked with mutations in ion channels. Ion channels are proteins that span the cell membrane and govern...

2010-03-17 16:32:42

Nature study reports that the molecular basis of detecting tissue-damaging chemicals goes back more 500 million years Waltham, MA -- Whenever you choke on acrid cigarette smoke, feel like you're burning up from a mouthful of wasabi-laced sushi, or cry while cutting raw onions and garlic, your response is being triggered by a primordial chemical sensor conserved across some 500 million years of animal evolution, report Brandeis University scientists in a study in Nature this week. Chemical...

2009-11-23 15:24:50

Scientists have revealed how environmental irritants such as air pollution and cigarette smoke cause people to cough, in research published today in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. The authors of the study, from Imperial College London and the University of Hull, have identified the reaction inside the lungs that can trigger coughing when a person is exposed to particular irritants in the air. They suggest that their findings may ultimately lead to the...

2009-09-14 06:15:00

Scientists are certain that they have pointed the reason why people who are actively trying to stop smoking often itch uncontrollably. Belgian researchers think nicotine triggers a molecular trail in skin, nose and mouth membranes that are connected to inflammation. This might clarify why nicotine patches can irritate the skin, they wrote in an article available in Nature. This might help in creating treatments that help people stop smoking with fewer side effects. Smoking is one of the...

2008-06-25 00:02:50

General anaesthetic can make the pain of operations worse for patients recovering after surgery by activating the body's "mustard receptors", researchers have found. Many of the drugs that send surgical patients to sleep are known to make them more sensitive to pain when they wake up. Scientists now believe they have discovered the reason for the side effect. The findings may help researchers develop new anaesthetics that are kinder to recovering patients. General anaesthetics all...

2008-06-24 10:59:45

Anesthetics given to patients during surgery could cause an increase in pain following the procedure, according a new study. Published in the June 23 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the study is the first to scientifically explain what doctors have noticed in clinics, researchers said. They hope their findings will lead to the development of new anesthetics that don't cause post-surgical pain. Gerard Ahern of Georgetown University Medical Center in...

2005-08-17 07:24:36

Study uncovers mechanism by which the herb does some damage to do some benefit The way in which garlic inflicts gastric pain may also be the way it confers cardiovascular benefits, a new study suggests. The finding, reported in this week's issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is preliminary, however, and far from convincing for some experts. "It's a possible mechanism for cardiovascular benefit from garlic, but they're a long way off from tying the two together," said...

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