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Latest Transition metal carbene complex Stories

2009-10-22 14:37:15

Guy Bertrand's lab shows metal-free 'abnormal N-heterocyclic carbenes' are stable, allowing their use in numerous catalytic chemical reactions Researchers at the University of California, Riverside have successfully created in the laboratory a class of carbenes, highly reactive molecules, used to make catalysts "“ substances that facilitate chemical reactions. Until now, chemists believed these carbenes, called "abnormal N-heterocyclic carbenes" or aNHCs, were impossible to make....

2005-08-18 14:16:19

RIVERSIDE, Calif. "“ Aug. 18, 2005 "“ Chemists at the University of California, Riverside have synthesized a new class of carbenes "“ molecules that have unusual carbon atoms "“ that is expected to have wide applications in the pharmaceutical industry, ultimately resulting in a reduction in the price of drugs. Called cyclic alkyl amino carbenes or CAACs, the molecules attach themselves to metals, such as palladium, to form highly efficient catalysts that allow...