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2008-10-20 14:00:00

Because they are riddled with defects, bulk crystalline materials never achieve their ideal strength; nanocrystals, on the other hand, are so small there's no room for defects. ("Nano" is short for nanometer, a billionth of a meter.) Yet while nanocrystalline materials may approach ideal strength in their resistance to stress, most nanostructures have shown only a limited ability to withstand large internal strains before they fail. Overcoming this limitation could lead to great advances in...

2008-07-18 03:00:42

By Uan, Jun-Yen Li, Ching-Fei; Yu, Bing-Lung This work presents results concerning the effect of the die chill layer on the corrosion performance of a hot-chamber diecast AZ91D thin plate, with particular attention to the role of interdendritic phases (primary beta (Al^sub 17^Mg^sub 12^) and surrounding alpha phase). The primary beta phase in the die chill layer was removed by Ar+ etching, but the other main constituent phases remained on the surface of the sample. Although previous...

2008-06-24 02:29:40

Titan ETEM Allows Researchers to See Chemistry and Nanoscale Catalysis at the Atomic Level Media Contact: MindWrite Communications, Inc Sandy Fewkes, Principal, +1-408-224-4024 sandy@mind-write.com or FEI Company Fletcher Chamberlin (investors and analysts) Investor Relations, +1-503-726-7710 fletcher.chamberlin@fei.com Logo: http://www.fei.com FEI Company (NASDAQ:FEIC), a leading provider of high-resolution imaging and analysis systems, today announced the release of...

2008-02-22 08:05:00

A new electron microscope recently installed in Cornell's Duffield Hall is enabling scientists for the first time to form images that uniquely identify individual atoms in a crystal and see how those atoms bond to one another - and in living color. "The current generation of electron microscopes can be thought of as expensive black and white cameras where different atoms appear as different shades of gray," explained David Muller, Cornell associate professor of applied and engineering...

2008-01-24 10:20:00

A unique electron microscope, the first of its kind in the world, was unveiled yesterday at the STFC Daresbury Laboratory in Warrington. It will enable scientists to study atoms within materials in a way that has never before been possible and will pave the way for pioneering research relating to every aspect of our lives, from research into liver disease, to the creation of the mobile phones and computers of the future. Sponsored by the EPSRC and led by the University of Liverpool, the...

2008-01-22 12:50:00

BERKELEY, CA "” TEAM 0.5, the world's most powerful transmission electron microscope "” capable of producing images with half angstrom resolution (half a ten-billionth of a meter), less than the diameter of a single hydrogen atom "” has been installed at the Department of Energy's National Center for Electron Microscopy (NCEM) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. "We have beam down the column," announced Uli Dahmen of Berkeley Lab's Materials Sciences Division, who is...

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