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2008-07-16 09:00:15

Optimer Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq:OPTR) today announced positive results from its first double-blind Phase 3 trial assessing the safety and efficacy of Prulifloxacin as a once-daily (600 mg), three-day oral therapy for infectious diarrhea. The top-line analysis of data from this study shows that Prulifloxacin met the primary endpoint of Time to Last Unformed Stool (TLUS) in both the mITT (modified intent-to-treat; n=187) and microbiologically evaluable (per protocol; n=165)...

2008-06-13 11:37:39

The development of a new experimental patch could protect travelers from developing diarrhea, known as Montezuma's Revenge.Created by Iomai Corp., the needle-free vaccine protected more than 70 percent of visitors to Mexico and Guatemala from becoming ill, according to a research report published in the Lancet medical journal on Wednesday."I think it's one of the most exciting new developments in travel medicine," said Dr. Herbert DuPont of the University of Texas in Houston, who helped test...

2007-06-10 06:00:11

By Hanauer, Stephen B DuPont, Herbert L; Cooper, Kimberly M; Laudadio, Charles Key words: Abdominal discomfort - Acute diarrhea - Loperamide - Placebo-controlled trial - Randomized controlled trial - Simethicone ABSTRACT Objective: To compare efficacy and tolerabillty of a loperamide/ simethicone (LOP/SIM) combination product with that of loperamide (LOP) alone, simethicone (SIM) alone, and placebo (PBO) for acute nonspecific diarrhea with gas-related abdominal discomfort. Research...

2006-01-11 20:23:16

By Karla Gale NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - While diarrhea, fever and skin diseases still predominate among symptoms experienced by travelers to developing countries, the cause varies according to region visited, data from a large collaborative database show. Destination-specific differences can help guide diagnosis and therapy, according to a report in The New England Journal of Medicine for January 12. Most of the information concerning illness in returned travelers is based on...

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