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2011-04-20 12:30:00

According to researchers, humpback whales can swim thousands of miles in a straight line, which suggests that they may use a unique compass mechanism. "They maintain remarkably straight movements for weeks across thousands of kilometers of oceans," lead author, environmental scientist Dr Travis Horton, of the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand, said in a statement. Many animals are believed to navigate using a compass cue, like the Sun or the Earth's magnetic field, which...

2009-12-09 10:55:00

With growing concerns about the effects of global warming on polar bears, it's increasingly important to understand how other environmental threats, such as mercury pollution, are affecting these magnificent Arctic animals. New research led by biogeochemists Travis Horton of the University of Canterbury and Joel Blum of the University of Michigan lays the groundwork for assessing current and future effects of mercury deposition and climate change on polar bears. The study appears in the...

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