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2005-07-12 00:25:00

For severe depression, electro-shock therapy is nowadays the last hope. However, it can impair memory for weeks after therapy. A less aggressive alternative seems to be provided by what is known as "transcranial magnetic stimulation". This is the conclusion arrived at by doctors and psychologists of the Bonn University Clinic in an article which has just appeared in the British Journal of Psychiatry (vol. 186 [2005], pp. 410-416). Nowadays depression is seen as amenable to treatment: with...

2005-07-08 18:40:23

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Not everyone with depression will respond to a particular antidepressant medication, but there's a good chance that a second or third choice will be effective, researchers have found. Dr. Frederic M. Quitkin and colleagues from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and New York State Psychiatric Institute, New York, examined remission rates when patients who did not get better on one drug were switched to another, and then to a third if necessary....

2005-06-27 12:45:55

LONDON -- Patients suffering from severe depression who have not responded to other treatments may be helped by deep brain stimulation, researchers said on Monday. The treatment, which is like a pacemaker for the brain, uses electrodes implanted in the brain to switch off or interrupt electrical circuits linked to depression. In four out of six patients who failed on all other treatments, deep brain stimulation relieved their depression. "Patients would experience an immediate shutdown of a...

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