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New Snake Species Announced
2012-01-10 05:30:30

Spectacularly colored Matilda´s horned viper is discovered by WCS and Museo delle Scienze of Trento, Italy New snake is restricted to remote forest in southwest Tanzania The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) announced the discovery of a spectacularly colored snake from a remote area of Tanzania in East Africa. The striking black-and-yellow snake is called Matilda´s horned viper. It measures 2.1 feet (60 centimeters) and has horn-like scales above its eyes. The...

2009-04-01 11:02:23

Italian researchers claim that baby chicks are capable of doing simple arithmetic. The baby birds were able to distinguish between sets of two and three identical yellow balls. One experiment showed that chicks consistently moved in the direction of a grouping of three balls instead of two. "The results of the experiments showed that, in the absence of any specific training, chicks spontaneously discriminated between two and three, in both cases preferring the larger set," researchers from...

2008-07-28 06:01:14

Enel Produzione has sold 51% of Hydro Dolomiti Enel to Dolomiti Energia for E333 million. The parties are expected to use Hydro Dolomiti Enel for the joint development of the hydroelectric power sector in the Autonomous Province of Trento in Italy. Hydro Dolomiti Enel (HDE) was established by Enel Produzione, which transferred its hydroelectric operations in Trento, with the exception of the San Floriano plant, to the new company. The assets include 20 concessions for major hydroelectric...

Word of the Day
  • A 'bachelor seal'; a young male seal which is prevented from mating by its herd's older males (mated bulls defending their territory).
This comes from the Russian word for 'bachelors.'