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2005-08-01 06:31:52

LONDON (Reuters) - Prime Minister Tony Blair's office dismissed on Monday a report that he has ruled out seeking a wider political role in the European Union or United Nations when he steps down as British premier. Blair, who won his third straight election in May, has already stated he will not stand for a fourth term. The Guardian newspaper said he would also step down as a member of parliament at the next election and will focus on writing his memoirs. The newspaper said Blair had...

2005-07-26 10:40:14

By Katherine Baldwin LONDON (Reuters) - Despite putting him back in the dock over the Iraq war, the London bombings have bolstered British Prime Minister Tony Blair's political standing. But the boost to his image may yet prove short-lived. An opinion poll on Tuesday showed Blair's rating as leader had soared to its second-highest level -- even as most voters think his decision to back the U.S.-led invasion has made Britain more of a target for terrorists. Blair, who won a third term in...

2005-07-21 14:35:18

By Mike Peacock LONDON (Reuters) - Prime Minister Tony Blair urged Britons to be calm and resolute after a second spate of bombings in London on Thursday, but further attacks may tarnish his image as a statesman which has won him praise. Blair was lauded at home and abroad after bombs on London's transport network killed more than 50 people two weeks ago. But if Thursday's fresh attacks, albeit smaller and taking no lives, turn out to be the start of a trend, the political flak could...

2005-07-18 19:23:17

LONDON (Reuters) - Two-thirds of Britons think the July 7 bombings in London were linked to Prime Minister Tony Blair's support for the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, according to a poll published on Tuesday. The ICM survey for the Guardian newspaper found 33 percent of Britons believe Blair bears "a lot" of responsibility for the London bombings and a further 31 percent "a little." Only 28 percent of those polled said Iraq and the London bombings were not connected. Blair has rejected any...

2005-07-13 08:45:31

By Mike Peacock LONDON (Reuters) - British politicians of all shades have united since London's bomb attacks but some are beginning to break ranks, wondering whether Tony Blair's backing for war in Iraq may have been a factor. In the immediate aftermath of the attacks on London's transport network, which killed at least 52, only mavericks like firebrand George Galloway dared criticize the prime minister. Galloway, thrown out of Blair's Labour party only to win a parliamentary seat as an...

2005-07-11 11:29:38

By Andrew Gray LONDON (Reuters) - Prime Minister Tony Blair condemned last week's bomb attacks in London as a "murderous carnage of the innocent" on Monday and vowed Britain would hunt down the suspected Islamist militants responsible. Blair said the search for the attackers who killed at least 52 people on three underground trains and a double-decker bus was one of the most intense and vigorous the country had known. Authorities made the first two formal identifications of victims -- a...

2005-07-10 04:54:30

By Mike Peacock LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's Tony Blair has emerged stronger after a week in which he has experienced the sweetest highs and darkest lows, politicians and insiders say. The prime minister punched the air after helping London win the 2012 Olympics but a day later the capital's transport network was struck by four bombs, killing more than 50. Somber but unbowed, he secured from fellow Group of Eight leaders a doubling of aid to Africa and promises of freer trade in the...

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