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turtle tree of life
2014-11-26 04:55:15

Using state-of-the-art genetic sequencing technology, scientists from the California Academy of Sciences have found that turtles are actually more closely related to crocodiles and dinosaurs than they are to lizards.

Chinese Soft-Shelled Turtles Release Waste Through Their Mouth
2012-10-11 19:54:10

Scientists reported in The Journal of Experimental Biology that Chinese soft-shelled turtles (Pelodiscus sinensis) actually urinate through their mouth.

2005-07-22 07:16:35

By Teresa Geow SINGAPORE (Reuters) - One in five pet shops in Singapore are selling endangered turtles, an animal welfare group said on Friday.

Latest Trionychidae Reference Libraries

2007-03-19 18:47:43

The Florida Soft-shell Turtle, Apalone ferox, is a species of turtle native to the eastern United States, primarily in Florida, but can also be found in South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. These turtles are almost entirely aquatic, generally only emerging from the water to bask or to lay eggs. The Florida Soft-shell Turtle has a dark brown to olive green, leathery carapace with a white or cream colored underside. They have a long neck, an elongated head, with a long snorkel-like nose....

2006-12-26 15:41:07

The Australasian Pig-nose Turtle, Carettochelys insculpta, is a species of soft-shelled turtle native to freshwater streams, lagoons and rivers of the Northern Territory of Australia and southern New Guinea. This species is unlike any other species of freshwater turtle in the world. The shell is typically gray in color, with a leathery texture, while the front plate is cream colored. Their feet are actually flippers, resembling those of marine turtles. Its nose looks like that of a pig....

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