Latest Trojan horses Stories

PowerLocker Ransomware Coming Soon
2014-01-08 07:43:08

Malware developers will soon be selling a new generation of ransomware called PowerLocker that encrypts files on a victim’s computer and then demands money to decrypt and recover the infected files.

Apple Flashback Virus Weakening
2012-04-13 04:08:48

Kaspersky Lab has found that the Flashback Trojan is weakening, infecting as many as 270,000 Apple computers around the world.

Fake Netflix Android App Actually A Trojan
2011-10-13 12:30:00

According to Symantec, there is an Android app circulating that looks like the real Netflix mobile app but is actually a Trojan virus that steals account information.

2011-04-02 00:00:28

The SecureMac team today announced a new version of the BlackHole RAT 2.0 Trojan Horse for Mac OS X has been discovered.

2010-10-26 05:00:00

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, October 26, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Bitrix, Inc. (http://www.bitrixsoft.com), a technology trendsetter in business communications solutions, alerts customers about the existence of a Trojan program pretending to be the Bitrix security framework.

2010-04-21 11:29:53

An online security firm is warning computer users that the Zeus virus, which can steal bank account numbers and other information from infected PCs, has returned stronger than ever.

2009-11-02 09:00:00

Microsoft Corp today released the seventh volume of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIRv7), which indicates that worm infections in the enterprise rose by nearly 100 percent during the first half of 2009 over the preceding six months.

2009-07-27 11:44:36

Federal investigators said malicious software worked its way from Bullitt County, Ky., email systems to a bank account to steal $415,989. The heist of county funds occurred in late June, The Louisville, Ky., Courier-Journal reported Monday.

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