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2009-05-13 15:09:47

New research sheds light on how cocaine regulates gene expression in a crucial reward region of the brain to elicit long-lasting changes in behavior. The study, published by Cell Press in the May 14th issue of the journal Neuron, provides exciting insight into the molecular pathways regulated by cocaine and may lead to new strategies for battling drug addiction.

2009-04-29 10:04:45

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police say it took a suspected Toronto drug mule three weeks to excrete 76 tampon-sized packets of cocaine into a bedpan. Hatim Gulamhusein, 48, was arrested April 7 at Toronto's international airport after arriving on a flight from Buenos Aires, Argentina, RCMP Cpl.

2009-04-24 08:57:21

Addicts, even those who have been abstinent for long periods of time, are often still vulnerable to their own memories of prior drug use. For example, exposure to the same environment in which they commonly used drugs – a contextual memory – can increase their craving for the drug dramatically and can lead to relapse.

2009-04-17 01:02:09

Initial drug use can be motivated by curiosity or peer pressure, but in some animals it can result from a stressful event, researchers in Puerto Rico said. Natasha Lugo-Escobar, Nicole Carreras and Annabell C.

2009-03-20 18:33:24

Authorities in Spain said they have seized a 42-piece dinner set made from 42 pounds of cocaine and arrested the intended recipient. Police said a 35-year-old Spanish man, identified only as JVLL, was arrested and charged with an offense against public health after police seized the package in an international

2009-02-23 15:03:56

Cocaine use can have toxic effects on brain cells (neurons) that produce dopamine, say experts at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston in a report that appears today in the journal Psychiatry Research.

2008-11-18 22:54:39

When given a choice between viewing pictures of cocaine or other images, cocaine addicted individuals prefer to look at cocaine, U.S. researchers learned. Scott Moeller, a psychology graduate student at the University of Michigan who worked with researchers at the U.S.

2008-11-17 09:06:36

When given a choice between viewing pictures of cocaine and a variety of other images, cocaine addicted individuals, as compared to healthy, non-addicted research subjects, show a clear preference for the drug-related images.

2008-11-07 15:25:00

One person every hour died of a drug overdose last year in Europe, a monitoring organization said in its annual report.

2008-10-23 14:30:34

Danish researchers are testing the drug tesofensine and have discovered that dieting patients on the highest doses of the drug available have lost up to 28.2 lbs in only six months.

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