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2008-10-11 00:00:35

Abnormalities in cocaine addicts' brains appear to correlate with dysfunction in areas of attention and for reward-based decision-making, U.S. researchers say. Principal investigator Dr.

2008-07-12 00:00:06

By The Associated Press DALLAS (AP) - Police didn't have to go far to find $400,000 worth of cocaine - it was in an undercover car they'd been driving for two months.An officer cleaning the car at a patrol station Wednesday discovered the nearly 50 pounds of cocaine carefully hidden in hydraulically controlled compartments."These compartments have recently been more and more popular with drug operations," said Deputy Chief Julian Bernal, commander of the narcotics division.Dallas police put...

2008-07-01 15:00:54

By Joe Seelig, Highlands Today, Sebring, Fla. Jul. 1--AVON PARK -- In separate incidents, two out-of-town women were arrested in a drug sting operation Saturday at an Avon Park gas station.

2008-07-01 12:01:08

The United States, despite its punitive drug policies, has the highest levels of illegal cocaine and marijuana use among 17 countries, researchers said.

2008-06-26 06:03:05

By Liz Szabo Drug and alcohol users can have healthy pregnancies if they are treated early in the pregnancy, according to a study released today.

2008-05-27 14:03:05

The first large-scale analysis of proteins in the brains of monkeys addicted to cocaine reveals new information on how long-term cocaine use changes the amount and activity of various proteins affecting brain function.

2008-04-07 10:45:00

Having a lower social standing increases the likelihood that a monkey faced with a stressful situation will choose cocaine over food, according to a study at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. More dominant monkeys undergoing the same stressful situation had fewer changes in brain activity in areas of the brain involved in stress and anxiety and were less likely to choose cocaine.

2008-03-14 06:00:37

By Robert Patrick, St. Louis Post-Dispatch Mar. 14--ST. LOUIS -- Federal investigators have arrested a man accused of being responsible for bringing hundreds and even thousands of kilograms of cocaine to the St. Louis area over the past two years, according to documents made public Thursday.

2008-02-26 00:40:00

A team of scientists believe they have discovered a part of the brain which responds to cocaine use. The results of their research may further explain why some users make cocaine use a habit while others become social users.

2007-11-07 09:00:49

Text of report by Peruvian newspaper La Republica

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