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2005-09-14 14:14:02

QUITO, Ecuador (Reuters) - A U.S. Coast Guard vessel intercepted an Ecuadorean-flagged boat carrying three tonnes of cocaine worth about $95 million in an operation coordinated with Ecuador, the South American country's police said on Wednesday. The cocaine smuggling boat was intercepted in international waters, apparently while it was on course for the Colombian Pacific Ocean port of Tumaco, the police said in a statement which did not specify the date of the operation. Agents...

2005-08-29 16:27:08

QUITO, Ecuador (Reuters) - Ecuadorean police and the U.S. Coast Guard have intercepted a boat carrying approximately $175 million worth of U.S.-bound Colombian cocaine in the Pacific Ocean in Ecuador's biggest drug bust in a decade, police said on Monday. The fishing boat "Daniel" was stopped 230 miles south of the Galapagos Islands and its crew of eight Ecuadoreans arrested, police said, without saying exactly when the operation took place. The fishing boat had been loaded with...

2005-08-24 19:47:30

BOGOTA, Colombia (Reuters) - Colombian congressmen are not only using cocaine but buying it in the Congress building, a senior Colombian senator said on Wednesday. "I know names of people who distribute cocaine here in Congress," Sen. Edgar Artunduaga told local RCN television. "There are important officials who distribute and senators and representatives who consume," said Artunduaga, who is deputy speaker of the Senate. Colombia is the world's largest producer of cocaine but the...

2005-08-06 14:37:52

The levels of cocaine residue in flowing water in Italy suggest that many more people take the drug than official national estimates previously suggested. A study published today in the open access journal Environmental Health reports on a new tool used to measure the levels of a cocaine by-product excreted in urine, and present in rivers and in flowing sewage water. This new method provides evidence that about 40,000 doses of cocaine are consumed every day in the Po valley - according to...

2005-08-05 13:45:27

ROME (Reuters) - The mighty Po river is not only Italy's longest. It also may be the highest, at least judging by the amount of cocaine coursing through its waters. Italian scientists, trying to develop a new way of measuring levels of drug abuse, tested the river's waters for excreted cocaine, and for its main urinary metabolic by-product benzoylecgonine. They say that the equivalent of about $400,000 worth of cocaine was flowing through the 652 km-long (405 mile) river every day. That...

2005-02-23 08:20:00

Researchers say they could be diagnostic tool in future HealthDay News -- Doctors might someday use cocaine to diagnose Parkinson's disease in a rather unconventional way: via drops to the eye. By comparing the amount of pupil dilation caused by an eye drop used in ophthalmology offices to dilation from a cocaine eye drop, researchers in Japan said they could accurately identify people with Parkinson's. At present, there is no specific diagnostic test for Parkinson's disease, which is caused...

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