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2005-09-19 14:20:00

London has a substantial problem with crack cocaine, researchers said on Monday, publishing a study which claimed one in every 100 Londoners aged between 15 and 44 could be using the drug.

2005-09-14 14:14:02

QUITO, Ecuador (Reuters) - A U.S. Coast Guard vessel intercepted an Ecuadorean-flagged boat carrying three tonnes of cocaine worth about $95 million in an operation coordinated with Ecuador, the South American country's police said on Wednesday.

2005-08-29 16:27:08

QUITO, Ecuador (Reuters) - Ecuadorean police and the U.S. Coast Guard have intercepted a boat carrying approximately $175 million worth of U.S.-bound Colombian cocaine in the Pacific Ocean in Ecuador's biggest drug bust in a decade, police said on Monday.

2005-08-24 19:47:30

BOGOTA, Colombia (Reuters) - Colombian congressmen are not only using cocaine but buying it in the Congress building, a senior Colombian senator said on Wednesday. "I know names of people who distribute cocaine here in Congress," Sen. Edgar Artunduaga told local RCN television.

2005-08-06 14:37:52

The levels of cocaine residue in flowing water in Italy suggest that many more people take the drug than official national estimates previously suggested. A study published today in the open access journal Environmental Health reports on a new tool used to measure the levels of a cocaine by-product excreted in urine, and present in rivers and in flowing sewage water.

2005-08-05 13:45:27

ROME (Reuters) - The mighty Po river is not only Italy's longest. It also may be the highest, at least judging by the amount of cocaine coursing through its waters.

2005-02-23 08:20:00

Doctors might someday use cocaine to diagnose Parkinson's disease in a rather unconventional way: via drops to the eye.

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