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072613 weather 001 header
2013-07-26 04:00:08

Daily weather forecast and wrap-up provided by redOrbit meteorologist Joshua Kelly. redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from July 25: Tropical Storm Dorian continued tracking through the Atlantic with a slight weakening over the past 24 hours, but it is still on a westward track. Tropical Storm Flossie developed in the Eastern Pacific yesterday and it is also moving westward towards Hawaii. Cold weather has started to push into the Northern Plains with a few...

072313 weather 001 header
2013-07-23 04:00:27

Daily weather forecast and wrap-up provided by redOrbit meteorologist Joshua Kelly. redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from July 22: The Atlantic tropical season picked up an area of disturbed weather that pushed off Africa and is now being watched. The heat continued to bake parts of the Rockies and Southwest. Severe weather included two tornadoes in WI and 2 inch size hail in MT/IA/MN. There were also some damaging winds with the strongest wind gusts from...

072213 weather 001 header
2013-07-22 04:00:47

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from July 19-21: The heat continued over the East Coast on Friday with temps running a good 9-15 degrees above average. Severe weather was reported on Friday in Florida where a waterspout pushed onshore damaging some property. Friday's largest hail was 1.75 inches which was reported in Wyoming. The strongest winds occurred in Michigan at 70mph. Saturday's severe weather included a tornado in Nebraska, the largest hail was 2.75 inches in...

2013-07-19 23:00:27

Infographic released on the increase in hurricane activity in the U.S.A. Sunrise, FL (PRWEB) July 19, 2013 Empire Construction & Development Corp, owner of HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com, a leader in the hurricane shutter and security shutter industry, has released a new infographic on the overall recent increase in hurricane activity in the United States. Here are the important statistics from the infographic: From 1990~ 2012, an average of 10 tropical cyclones reached tropical...

Image From NASA Of Tropical Storm Cimaron Making Landfall In China
2013-07-18 14:05:07

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Looking at the extent of a tropical cyclone's clouds from space doesn't tell you all you need to know about a storm, so satellites use infrared, microwave and multi-spectral imagery to look "under the hood." Two NASA satellites provided an outside and inside look at Tropical Storm Cimaron as it was starting to make landfall in China. The Atmospheric Infrared Sounder or AIRS instrument that flies aboard NASA's Aqua satellite captured an infrared image of...

2013-07-17 23:27:02

It’s hurricane season and water damage, storm surges, and flooding are at the top of the list for concerns. Be aware of the possible threats in your area. Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) July 17, 2013 Hurricanes Season has been torture for different parts of the region; 6-10 inches of rain has passed through areas bringing flash flooding, trees down, power outages, and water damage to businesses and residential buildings. Hurricanes move at different speeds and cause different amounts of damage....

Tropical Storms Gain Strength Over Land Due To 'Brown Ocean' Phenomenon
2013-07-17 08:20:09

April Flowers for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Meteorologists were stumped by Tropical Storm Erin in 2007. Unlike most tropical cyclones, which dissipate after making landfall and being weakened by everything from friction and wind shear to loss of the ocean as a source of heat energy, Erin intensified as it tracked through Texas. Erin's eye formed over Oklahoma, and grew stronger than it had been over the ocean as it spun over the southern plains. According to NASA-funded...

071713 weather 001 header
2013-07-17 04:00:12

Daily weather forecast and wrap-up provided by redOrbit meteorologist Joshua Kelly. redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from July 16: The past 24 hours has provided the US with an array of weather from hot temps over the Northeast and near record setting cool weather over Texas. Heavy rainfall hit Texas where some places saw more than 2 inches of precipitation. The next big story was the moisture along the Gulf Coast with places along the coast seeing over 2...

Distorted GPS Measure Hurricane Winds
2013-07-15 16:23:45

Brett Smith for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Truck drivers and commuters rely on GPS technology to get themselves where they need to go in the shortest amount of time. During massive storms, these GPS signals can be buffeted by storm conditions. Now, scientists have figured out how to measure wind speeds based on these disruptions, according to a new study in the journal Radio Science. The research team from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said...

071513 weather 001 header
2013-07-15 04:00:59

Daily weather forecast and wrap-up provided by redOrbit meteorologist Joshua Kelly. redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from July 12-14: Over the weekend the severe weather was fairly limited. This included minor wind damage reports from West Virginia to Texas, along with some hail reports in this same area. On Saturday severe weather was found in Mississippi as well with damaging winds. The heat continued in the Southwest, however the Southern Plains got some...

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Tropical Storm Alberto Timeline
2012-05-24 08:26:54

Tropical Storm Alberto was named the first tropical storm of the Atlantic 2012 Hurricane Season on May 20th at 1200PM CDT. The location of the storm at this time was just to the southeast of South Carolina. The winds were estimated at 40kts gusting to 50kts. On May 20th at 0600PM CDT Tropical Storm Alberto had winds estimated at 45kts with gust to near 55kts. At this time the storm was just to the east of Savannah Georgia and was moving towards the southwest. May 21st at 0600PM CDT...

El Nino Update July 5, 2012
2012-07-05 11:03:00

Say it’s not so, but we could be very well on the verge of entering into an EL-Nino cycle soon. How soon? The latest forecast issued by the Climate Prediction Center has upped the chances of seeing EL-Nino this year now at 61% with the favorable time period pointing towards the 3rd quarter (July-September).  What does this mean to you? Well it all depends on where you’re living as EL-Nino has a wide array of impacts that are different everywhere around the globe. Here are a few...

Weather Reference Library
2012-07-30 09:39:02

Coastal Upwelling- this is defined as the moving of water from the deeper oceans upwards to the surface of the ocean very commonly found along our cold ocean currents, which are found along the West Coast of the United States and off the Peru coast. Coastal Sinking- this is defined as the warm waters moving in from the east and hitting the coastline and slowly filtering down towards the deeper ocean waters very slowly. This feature is common in our warm ocean currents such as the United...

Feature on the Surface Map
2012-07-17 22:30:03

Tropical Storm Debbie on a surface chart. It is noted that just off the coast of Northern Florida a 999 surface pressure is found indicating to a meteorologist that an area of Lower pressure is arriving. In this case it’s Tropical Storm Debbie. The red lines indicate lines of equal pressure. Meteorologists label them in 4mb increments. So looking at the map it’s noted that there is a 08/04/00/96 line present in the photo highlighted with red. Another feature is that the more of these...

Difference Between Onshore And Offshore Flow
2012-07-16 11:34:51

Onshore flow describes the movement of any weather feature moving towards the shore. The most common weather features that are affiliated with onshore flow are Hurricanes and the daily sea breeze. What happens with a hurricane is the Northeast side of the storm will produce winds out of the Southeast to South which will force the ocean water (Storm Surge) towards the coast along with all the extensive precipitation shields. Another feature is known as the Sea breeze. The sea breeze happens...

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