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2013-06-03 23:24:04

Hurricane Season is upon us and All Hands Fire Equipment is releasing important safety tips to help keep families out of harms way in the event of an approaching hurricane. Neptune, NJ (PRWEB) June 03, 2013 Hurricane Season begins on June 1 and ends on November 30. However, tropical storms, hurricanes and cyclones can occur at any time. Experts describe a hurricane as a severe tropical storm with a circular motion that forms in the warm waters of South Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico,...

2013-05-28 23:29:08

According to a Science News article from May 24, 2013, NOAA's Climate Prediction Center is forecasting an active or extremely active season this year. Preparedness company First Aid Global comments on preparedness. Tarzana, CA (PRWEB) May 27, 2013 In a Science News article from May 24th entitled, “Active or 'Extremely Active' Atlantic Hurricane Season Predicted for 2013”, Gerry Bell, Ph.D., lead seasonal hurricane forecaster with NOAA's Climate Prediction Center states that this...

052713 weather 001 header
2013-05-27 04:00:06

Daily weather forecast and wrap-up provided by redOrbit meteorologist Joshua Kelly. redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from May 24-26: A busy weekend in the weather world. Parts of Western New York and into Connecticut saw around 3 feet of snow. Severe weather brought heavy rains to the Northern Plains, with many places seeing flooding conditions. San Antonio TX also saw more rainfall to add to the flooding woes. The winter weather continued with frost and...

052413 weather 001 header
2013-05-24 04:00:01

Daily weather forecast and wrap-up provided by redOrbit meteorologist Joshua Kelly. redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from May 23: Cold weather settled in over the Great Lakes last night as places were under frost and freeze warnings with this unseasonably cold weather. Severe weather was over the Texas Panhandle last night with five reported tornadoes in the region. Large hail was also in this same region along with parts of Oklahoma and into the Mid-Atlantic....

2013-05-22 23:15:10

Being prepared is the key to reducing the effects of a hurricane disaster. This webinar coincides with the National Hurricane Center´s ℠Hurricane Preparedness Week´. Portsmouth, NH (PRWEB) May 22, 2013 Experts are predicting an above average hurricane season for 2013 but even with such predictions no one could have imagined the devastation faced with Superstorm Sandy last year. What it taught us is that being prepared for anything at anytime is the key to reducing the...

051613 weather 001 header
2013-05-16 04:00:34

Daily weather forecast and wrap-up provided by redOrbit meteorologist Joshua Kelly. redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from May 15: Severe weather hit Northeast Texas very hard overnight with tornadoes reported in various locations. There were multiple injuries and a few fatalities with this extreme weather. Hail was very large with softball size hail and damaging winds. The second big story was the extreme heat over the Southwest with places soaring over the...

051513 weather 001 header
2013-05-15 04:00:44

Daily weather forecast and wrap-up provided by redOrbit meteorologist Joshua Kelly. redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from May 14: The biggest news of the day was the heat wave that hit the middle of the United States. Places from Texas to South Dakota and Minnesota soared into the 100´s. Another big story was the strong thunderstorms that moved through the Northern Rockies. Big Story Weather Discussion for May 15: High pressure over the Southeast...

Remnants Of Tropical Cyclone Jamala Fading Seen By NASA
2013-05-13 12:48:56

NASA Tropical Cyclone Jamala ran into some harsh atmospheric conditions on May 11 in the Southern Indian Ocean and vertical wind shear tore the storm apart. NASA´s Aqua satellite captured an image of the remnants while the more powerful, more organized Tropical Cyclone Mahasen continued to strengthen to the north. When NASA´s Aqua satellite flew over the Indian Ocean on May 13 at 0747 UTC (3:47 a.m. EDT), the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) instrument captured an image of...

NASA Sees Tropical Cyclone Mahasen Strengthening
2013-05-13 12:44:56

NASA The first tropical cyclone in the Northern Indian Ocean this season has been getting better organized as seen in NASA satellite imagery. Tropical Cyclone Mahasen is projected to track north through the Bay of Bengal and make landfall later this week. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) instrument aboard NASA´s Aqua satellite captured a visible image of Tropical Cyclone Mahasen in the Northern Indian Ocean on May 15 at 07:55 UTC (3:55 a.m. EDT). The image...

051313 weather 001 header
2013-05-13 04:00:58

Daily weather forecast and wrap-up provided by redOrbit meteorologist Joshua Kelly. redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from May 10-12: Severe weather moved through the Gulf Coast on Friday morning. That gave way to the arrival of another unseasonably cold air mass that has brought frost and freezes to the Northern Plains and into the Great Lakes, along with light snow over parts of Michigan on Sunday. Big Story Weather Discussion for May 13: High pressure...

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Tropical Storm Alberto Timeline
2012-05-24 08:26:54

Tropical Storm Alberto was named the first tropical storm of the Atlantic 2012 Hurricane Season on May 20th at 1200PM CDT. The location of the storm at this time was just to the southeast of South Carolina. The winds were estimated at 40kts gusting to 50kts. On May 20th at 0600PM CDT Tropical Storm Alberto had winds estimated at 45kts with gust to near 55kts. At this time the storm was just to the east of Savannah Georgia and was moving towards the southwest. May 21st at 0600PM CDT...

El Nino Update July 5, 2012
2012-07-05 11:03:00

Say it’s not so, but we could be very well on the verge of entering into an EL-Nino cycle soon. How soon? The latest forecast issued by the Climate Prediction Center has upped the chances of seeing EL-Nino this year now at 61% with the favorable time period pointing towards the 3rd quarter (July-September).  What does this mean to you? Well it all depends on where you’re living as EL-Nino has a wide array of impacts that are different everywhere around the globe. Here are a few...

Weather Reference Library
2012-07-30 09:39:02

Coastal Upwelling- this is defined as the moving of water from the deeper oceans upwards to the surface of the ocean very commonly found along our cold ocean currents, which are found along the West Coast of the United States and off the Peru coast. Coastal Sinking- this is defined as the warm waters moving in from the east and hitting the coastline and slowly filtering down towards the deeper ocean waters very slowly. This feature is common in our warm ocean currents such as the United...

Feature on the Surface Map
2012-07-17 22:30:03

Tropical Storm Debbie on a surface chart. It is noted that just off the coast of Northern Florida a 999 surface pressure is found indicating to a meteorologist that an area of Lower pressure is arriving. In this case it’s Tropical Storm Debbie. The red lines indicate lines of equal pressure. Meteorologists label them in 4mb increments. So looking at the map it’s noted that there is a 08/04/00/96 line present in the photo highlighted with red. Another feature is that the more of these...

Difference Between Onshore And Offshore Flow
2012-07-16 11:34:51

Onshore flow describes the movement of any weather feature moving towards the shore. The most common weather features that are affiliated with onshore flow are Hurricanes and the daily sea breeze. What happens with a hurricane is the Northeast side of the storm will produce winds out of the Southeast to South which will force the ocean water (Storm Surge) towards the coast along with all the extensive precipitation shields. Another feature is known as the Sea breeze. The sea breeze happens...

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