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Hawaii May See An Increase In Tropical Cyclones
2013-05-06 05:24:29

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online Hawaii could experience a two-to-three fold increase in the number of tropical cyclones by the year 2100, according to new research published Sunday in the online edition of Nature Climate Change. Only two hurricanes have made landfall in the island state over the past three decades, but that is likely to change during the last quarter of this century, computer simulations developed by scientists at the University of Hawaii at...

050213 weather 001 header
2013-05-02 04:00:33

Daily weather forecast and wrap-up provided by redOrbit meteorologist Joshua Kelly. redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from May 1: Three big stories from yesterday. First, the severe weather along the Gulf Coast where rainfall rates were around 3-12 inches in South Mississippi. Along with that multiple water spouts were spotted. The second story was the wintery weather with places from Denver to Minneapolis seen over 6 inches of snowfall. The third was the onset of...

NASA Infrared Data Revealed Beginning Of Tropical Storm Zane
2013-04-30 14:05:04

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Infrared data indicates temperatures of cloud tops and the surface of the sea beneath tropical cyclones, and NASA's AIRS instrument captured an infrared look at low pressure area System 92P in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean that hinted it was rapidly developing into Tropical Cyclone Zane. Zane is expected to make landfall in northeastern Queensland on May 1 at cyclone strength. The infrared image of System 92P was taken from the Atmospheric Infrared...

043013 weather 001 header
2013-04-30 04:00:18

Daily weather forecast and wrap-up provided by redOrbit meteorologist Joshua Kelly. redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from April 29: A very busy day with strong and severe storms hitting Iowa and parts of the Southern Plains. The biggest story was from Eastern Iowa where very large hail fell. Big Story Weather Discussion for April 30: High pressure along the East Coast will bring nice weather to the region. This high pressure will also begin to block the...

New Metric For Determining Destructive Power Of Hurricanes
2013-04-29 18:15:08

Alan McStravick for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online In the last eight years alone, the US has seen seemingly low-powered storms gather strength and turn themselves into the costliest storms to ever affect our nation. This propensity for sudden storm strengthening led researchers from Florida State University to develop a new metric for the measurement of seasonal Atlantic tropical cyclone activity. This new measurement focuses not only on the size of the storm, but also on its...

Monster Storm On Saturn Captured By Cassini
2013-04-29 13:26:47

[ Watch the Video: Mysterious Hurricane at Saturn´s North Pole ] Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online NASA's Cassini spacecraft has provided an incredible view of a monster storm on Saturn with clouds moving as fast as 300 miles per hour. High-resolution pictures and video of the storm gives a unique perspective of a hurricane with an eye measuring about 1,250 miles, which is about 20 times larger than the average hurricane eye on Earth. NASA said the hurricane is...

041813 weather 001 header
2013-04-18 04:00:58

Daily weather forecast and wrap-up provided by redOrbit meteorologist Joshua Kelly. redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from April 17: Severe weather and blizzard conditions topped the weather yesterday. There were several heavy snowfall reports from Colorado into the Dakotas and severe weather with tornados from Oklahoma all the way into Illinois. Many places saw heavy rainfall and large hail as well. Big Story Weather Discussion for April 18: Low pressure...

041613 weather 001 header
2013-04-16 04:00:33

Daily weather forecast and wrap-up provided by redOrbit meteorologist Joshua Kelly. redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from April 15: The new storm system moving through the Southwest and Rockies has been dropping snow and rain in this region, with some places getting over six inches of snow and near one inch of rainfall. The second story was the strong thunderstorms that moved across South Florida yesterday. Last night the severe weather that started across the...

NASA Satellite imagery Shows Cyclone Imelda To Be One-sided
2013-04-15 10:25:51

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center An upper-level low pressure system is sapping the cloud and thunderstorm development on the western side of Cyclone Victoria in the Southern Indian Ocean. New NASA satellite imagery showed that the bulk of rainfall was located east of the storm's center. At 0900 UTC (5 a.m. EDT) on April 12, Tropical Cyclone Imelda was tropical storm strength with maximum sustained winds near 45 knots (51.7 mph/83.3 kph). Imelda was centered near 14.1 south latitude and...

041513 weather 001 header
2013-04-15 04:00:36

Daily weather forecast and wrap-up provided by redOrbit meteorologist Joshua Kelly. redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from April 12-14: Another very busy weekend as another storm system pushed through the Plains bringing ice, snow and strong winds to the north and another round of severe weather to the Gulf Coast. Wind damage was sporadic across the Gulf Coast with wind gusts near 65-70mph along the MS Gulf Coast during this event. Snowfall amounts around 6+...

Latest Tropical cyclone Reference Libraries

Tropical Storm Alberto Timeline
2012-05-24 08:26:54

Tropical Storm Alberto was named the first tropical storm of the Atlantic 2012 Hurricane Season on May 20th at 1200PM CDT. The location of the storm at this time was just to the southeast of South Carolina. The winds were estimated at 40kts gusting to 50kts. On May 20th at 0600PM CDT Tropical Storm Alberto had winds estimated at 45kts with gust to near 55kts. At this time the storm was just to the east of Savannah Georgia and was moving towards the southwest. May 21st at 0600PM CDT...

El Nino Update July 5, 2012
2012-07-05 11:03:00

Say it’s not so, but we could be very well on the verge of entering into an EL-Nino cycle soon. How soon? The latest forecast issued by the Climate Prediction Center has upped the chances of seeing EL-Nino this year now at 61% with the favorable time period pointing towards the 3rd quarter (July-September).  What does this mean to you? Well it all depends on where you’re living as EL-Nino has a wide array of impacts that are different everywhere around the globe. Here are a few...

Weather Reference Library
2012-07-30 09:39:02

Coastal Upwelling- this is defined as the moving of water from the deeper oceans upwards to the surface of the ocean very commonly found along our cold ocean currents, which are found along the West Coast of the United States and off the Peru coast. Coastal Sinking- this is defined as the warm waters moving in from the east and hitting the coastline and slowly filtering down towards the deeper ocean waters very slowly. This feature is common in our warm ocean currents such as the United...

Feature on the Surface Map
2012-07-17 22:30:03

Tropical Storm Debbie on a surface chart. It is noted that just off the coast of Northern Florida a 999 surface pressure is found indicating to a meteorologist that an area of Lower pressure is arriving. In this case it’s Tropical Storm Debbie. The red lines indicate lines of equal pressure. Meteorologists label them in 4mb increments. So looking at the map it’s noted that there is a 08/04/00/96 line present in the photo highlighted with red. Another feature is that the more of these...

Difference Between Onshore And Offshore Flow
2012-07-16 11:34:51

Onshore flow describes the movement of any weather feature moving towards the shore. The most common weather features that are affiliated with onshore flow are Hurricanes and the daily sea breeze. What happens with a hurricane is the Northeast side of the storm will produce winds out of the Southeast to South which will force the ocean water (Storm Surge) towards the coast along with all the extensive precipitation shields. Another feature is known as the Sea breeze. The sea breeze happens...

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