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2009-11-12 11:19:00


2009-09-23 17:25:45

A British underwear manufacturer said it is catering to the left-handed demographic with a line of men's underwear designed for ambidextrous access. Underwear brand Hom said the new underpants, which went on sale Wednesday at store chain Debenhams, forgo the traditional vertical slit on the right for a horizontal slit at the top of the gusset, the Daily Mail reported Wednesday. The designers of the underwear said left-handed men can save three valuable seconds at the toilet by switching to...

2009-09-23 15:13:00

Fashion Expert Tom Julian Partners with Perfectmatch.com to Provide Men's Fashion Advice for Dating SEATTLE, Sept. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Men make conscious decisions all day - what to eat, what to drink, where to take a date - but when faced with the decision of what to wear, many males come up short.

2009-09-11 15:21:29

City officials in Louisville, Ky., have wagged a collective finger at those who wear droopy pants, passing a toothless resolution urging they quit sagging. The Louisville Metro Council voted 25-0 in favor of the anti-sagging resolution, which states people are needlessly in public exposing their undergarments and council members believe this style of dress sets a bad example for the youth of this community to view, and even worse, it may influence them to want to mimic, The (Louisville)...

2009-08-21 13:54:51

Police in Sweden said a 26-year-old man refused entry to a bar for wearing sweatpants allegedly knocked a man to the ground and tried to steal his jeans. Investigators said a bouncer at a Helsingborg pub told the sweatpants-wearing man he could not enter the bar because of his clothing, leading him to attack another man and remove his pants, The Local reported Friday. A passing police unit came upon the men while they were both without pants. We've just swapped trousers, the alleged attacker...

2009-07-14 15:46:42

Authorities in Tennessee said a man arrested for public intoxication had taken about 40 pairs of women's undergarments from a pool party. McMinn County Deputy Todd Levi said he spotted Jason Johnson, 31, trying to flag a vehicle down for a ride while walking along Highway 11 early Saturday morning and, upon closer inspection, the deputy found Johnson smelled of alcohol, was unsteady on his feet and had a pair of panties hanging from the unzipped fly of his pants, The Daily Post-Athenian,...

2009-04-24 18:31:45

British fashion chain Debenhams said sales of men's brief-style underpants have risen 35 percent in the past six months, perhaps due to the economic recession. The company said briefs outsold the more fashion-conscious boxers and trunk-style underwear last month for the first time since the early 1990s, which was also the last time Britain was hit by an economic recession, The Sun reported Friday. These are the sort of pants our fathers wore, Debenhams spokesman Ed Watson said.

2009-04-23 17:18:39

A Florida judge has tossed a town's ordinance that made wearing pants below the waist an offense punishable with a fine. Palm Beach County Judge Laura Johnson ruled Riviera Beach's ordinance against saggy pants -- which was approved by 72 percent of city voters in a March 2008 referendum -- is unconstitutional,

2009-04-13 11:43:39

Wearing low pants that expose boxer shorts is a constitutionally protected expression of identity, say opponents of a saggy pants ban in Riviera Beach, Fla. Palm Beach County public defenders are challenging a law passed last year by more than 70 percent of voters that makes it illegal to wear pants low enough to show skin or underwear, The New York Times reported Monday. Twenty young men in Riviera have been charged under the ordinance and have cases pending, the Times reported, noting other...

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