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2008-08-24 18:00:14

By Mark Armstrong Derwent Reservoir (Tel: 01207 255250): A great week in which five fish over 7Ibs were caught. All of these trout were landed from the South shore on power-bait and worm cocktails.

2008-08-22 15:00:29

By CARPINTER, Bernard BIOSECURITY NEW ZEALAND is preparing to use poison and carp to fight a devastating lake weed. It plans to start on Lake Tutira, north of Napier, but fishermen are worried that the campaign could spoil the trout fishery on the lake and associated streams.

2008-08-14 21:00:17

By Scott Richardson;srichardson@pantagraph.com Two generations of the Niepagen family from Bloomington-Normal scored big on a recent fishing trip to Manitoba. Really big. They reeled in channel catfish that weighed 30 pounds and lake trout that topped that mark.

2008-08-11 21:00:25

By Beverly Fleming If you have been on the river lately, you may have noticed some plants appear to be dying along the shore south of Shands Bridge. You are not mistaken.

2008-08-08 18:00:21

TROUT fishing on the River Trothy has been badly hit by the serious pollution of a tributary at Llantilio Crossenny, near Abergavenny.

2008-08-04 12:00:00

By Andrew Weeks, The Times-News, Twin Falls, Idaho Aug. 4--Sometimes nature can use a little boost.

2008-08-03 09:00:11

By Robert L. Brodie, The Sun Herald, Biloxi, Miss. Aug. 3--For any angler, it's not hard to realize just how unbearable the summer heat can be. When the wind dies out its brutal, and getting to the fishing grounds extremely early, or late in the afternoon, can deliver a bit of relief.

2008-08-01 12:00:41

By Joe Knight, The Leader-Telegram, Eau Claire, Wis. Aug. 1--NEW AUBURN -- A house wren was chattering somewhere outside the super-size screen porch behind Jim Dahl's rural New Auburn home. It likely is the wren that took over the bluebird house and filled it with sticks.

2008-08-01 09:00:35

By Stephen Speckman Deseret News On its face, the trace amounts of synthetic hormones and "personal care products" found in two popular trout fishing streams in Utah sounds a little like a list made for a stop at the pharmacy or grocery store.

2008-07-31 09:00:47

By Mark Taylor, The Roanoke Times, Va. Jul. 31--A common "what if?" in fishing concerns the size of fish caught in the summer. The reason is that females are often significantly lighter after the spawning season than before the spawning season in early spring.

Latest Trout Reference Libraries

Brown Trout, Salmo trutta
2013-10-15 12:46:40

The Brown Trout (Salmo trutta) is originally a European species of salmonid fish. It includes both purely freshwater populations, referred to Salmo trutta morpha fario and S. trutta morpha lacustris, and anadromous forms referred to as the sea trout, S. trutta morpha trutta. The latter migrates to the oceans for the majority of its life and returns to freshwater only to spawn. The specific handle trutta comes from the Latin trutta, meaning, literally, “trout”. The lacustrine morph of...

Bull Trout, Salvelinus confluentus
2013-10-14 11:44:30

The Bull Trout (Salvelinus confluentus) is a char belonging to the family Salmonidae that is native to North America. Historically, this fish has been known as the “Dolly Varden”, but was reclassified as a separate species in the year 1980. This Bull Trout is listed as a threatened species under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. Like other species of char, the fins of the bull trout have white leading edges. The head and mouth are abnormally large for salmonids, giving it its name. They...

Australian Grayling, Prototroctes maraena
2012-05-22 10:19:18

The Australian Grayling (Prototroctes maraena) is a freshwater fish found in coastal rivers in Tasmania and southeastern Australia. This fish has often been called the Cucumber Mullet or Cucumber Herring due to its cucumber-like odor. This fish is streamlined with a vaguely trout-like shape. It is silver on the flanks and dusky olive on the back, overlain with a golden shine. It can live 2 to 3 years and reach a length of roughly 7.9 inches. It has rarely been recorded up to 5 years of age...

Lake Trout, Salvelinus namaycush
2009-02-16 20:21:04

The Lake Trout (Salvelinus namaycush) is a species of freshwater char that is found mainly in lakes of Canada, Alaska, and the northern United States. They have been introduced into many other parts of the world including Europe, South America and some parts of Asia. In Canada, about 25% of the Lake Trout population is found in Ontario. However, only 1% of Ontario's lakes contain trout. The Lake Trout has been known to hybridize with Brook Trout, but such hybrids are almost always...

Golden Trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss aguabonita
2009-01-17 20:32:05

The Golden Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss aguabonita) is a subspecies of the Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). It is also known by the name California Golden Trout and is native to Golden Trout Creek, Volcano Creek and the South Fork Kern River in California. It is most likely found at elevations 10,000 feet above sea level. This subspecies is also commonly placed with other subspecies of rainbow trout known as redband trout. The Golden Trout has flanks with a red, horizontal band along the...

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