Latest Tryptamines Stories

2011-05-19 06:55:35

A drug that regulates your body clock may also be able to treat depression.

2011-04-14 15:52:11

The judgments we make about the intimacy of other couples' relationships appear to be influenced by the brain chemical serotonin, reports a new study published in Biological Psychiatry.

2011-03-31 01:19:47

Baylor College of Medicine is recruiting boys between the ages of 4 and 9 years for a study on sleep patterns and melatonin in children with and without autism.

2011-03-24 07:20:00

Chinese scientists say they have found a chemical inside the brains of mice that controls sexual preference.

2011-02-24 20:54:15

Mouse models are yielding important clues about the nature of autism spectrum disorders, which impact an estimated one in 110 children in the U.S.

2010-12-14 00:49:28

Changes in diet have been linked to a reduction of abnormal behaviors in mentally ill people or animals, but a Purdue University study shows that diet might also trigger the onset of mental illness in the first place.

2010-11-24 07:52:51

Kidney disease patients benefit long-term from a produce-rich diet, including fruits and vegetables.

2010-11-18 12:38:27

Exposure to even dim light at night is enough to cause physical changes in the brains of hamsters that may be associated with depression, a new study shows.

2010-09-07 07:59:00

MUNICH, Germany, September 7, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- After more than five years of intensive research a Munich-based company has managed to produce milk with a high level of melatonin. Special food is given to the cows and they are milked at night.

2010-09-02 12:15:13

A new study from the Center for Interdisciplinary Chronobiological Research at the University of Haifa has found an additional link between Light At Night (LAN) and cancer.

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