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2008-06-24 11:12:09

All remaining giant pandas at a major breeding base in China's earthquake-devastated Sichuan Province will be evacuated as landslides and other post-quake dangers remain a significant threat, China's Chengdu Business Daily reported Tuesday. The decision to evacuate the pandas followed conclusions by experts that Sichuan province's terrain was still too hazardous for the Pandas and their keepers. "The threats to safety from geological hazards in the Hetaoping Center's location are very...

2006-03-23 08:03:52

TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian told China on Thursday to drop the idea of giving the island a goodwill gift of a pair of pandas, saying they would not be happy. "A-bian sincerely urges the Chinese leaders to leave the giant pandas in their natural habitat, because pandas brought up in cages or given as gifts will not be happy," Chen wrote in a weekly electronic newsletter, using his nickname. China and Taiwan have been diplomatic and military rivals since their...

2006-01-06 02:35:00

By Ben Blanchard BEIJING -- China offered two pandas to Taiwan on Friday as a token of peace, but in the same breath accused President Chen Shui-bian of ratcheting up tensions with his support of formal independence for the self-ruled island. Chen signaled a tougher stance toward China in his New Year speech, warning his people of investment risks on the mainland and what he saw as the growing military threat from the island's political foe. China considers Taiwan part of its territory and...

2005-05-03 09:30:49

BEIJING (AFP) - Big, clumsy and unable to speak any foreign language, pandas would not appear to make great diplomats -- but that has not prevented them playing a starring role in Chinese foreign policy. China wrote another chapter in the history of panda diplomacy Tuesday, when it announced its willingness to present two giant pandas to Taiwan as a goodwill gesture. The move, timed to coincide with the departure of Taiwan opposition leader Lien Chan after an eight-day visit, echoed earlier...

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