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2015-01-30 11:49:45

Scientists have been able to capture scientific data on the endangered Saharan cheetah for the first time, and they also were able to collect rare images of the cheetah in its natural habitat.

Image 1 - Satellites Reveal Lost Cities Of Libya
2011-11-08 04:02:54

Satellite imagery has uncovered new evidence of a lost civilization of the Sahara in Libya's south-western desert wastes that will help re-write the history of the country.

2008-08-23 00:00:24

T hey stand tall and proud in the barren desert landscape, flowing robes and headdresses protecting them from the sun - a picture of traditional nomadic tribespeople.

2008-08-19 12:00:35

By Howard Male COMING SOON - WORLD MUSIC Critic Howard Male looks to the more exotic flavours that world music has to offer Only once in the past 10 months have the desert rockers Tinariwen (pictured) not been mentioned in this guide, but as they're currently one of the best bands in the world, I'll unapologetically risk informing you that they have a few more gigs coming up.

2006-08-26 16:22:43

NIAMEY (Reuters) - Two Italian tourists kidnapped in Niger by a former Saharan rebel group have been moved out of the West African country by their hostage takers, the government in Niamey said on Saturday without giving further details.

2006-08-17 07:15:00

Thousands who set out to cross Africa's biggest wilderness each year, just as desperate to flee poverty as the better-known migrants leaving by sea for the Canary islands from Senegal or Mauritania.

2006-05-24 08:21:34

By Tiemoko Diallo BAMAKO (Reuters) - Tuareg rebels withdrew to hills around a remote desert town in northern Mali on Wednesday after looting army camps there and seizing weapons as government reinforcements advanced to try to secure the area.

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Heinrich Barth
2014-01-06 09:33:24

Heinrich Barth, born February 16 of 1821 and died November 25th of 1865, was a German explorer of Africa and a scholar. He is one of the greatest of the European explorers of Africa, and his scholarly preparation, ability to speak and write in Arabic, learning African languages, and character meant that he delicately documented the details of the cultures that he visited. He was among the first to comprehend the uses of oral history of the peoples, and he collected many. He established...

2013-06-11 15:18:18

The Azawakh is a breed of sight hound dog that originated from Africa. This breed is thought to have been developed in the regions of Southern Algeria, Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso, by nomadic tribes including the Fula and the Tuareg peoples. This dog was bred for speed so it could hunt hares and other creatures and guard the camps of its people, but only highly fit dogs could adequately survive and serve the tribes in the desert conditions. The Azawakh is recognized by many organizations...

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