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2008-08-07 00:00:04

World News IN BRIEF *WELLINGTON An indigenous New Zealand reptile regarded as one of the last living descendants of the dinosaurs will become a father at the age of 111. Henry the tuatara and his mate Mildred, aged between 70 and 80, produced 12 eggs after mating this year at the Southland Museum in Invercargill. Tuatara are the lizard-like last descendants of a species of reptile that walked the earth 225 million years ago. (c) 2008 Independent, The; London (UK). Provided by ProQuest...

2008-03-26 23:34:47

Scientists have pinned down the fastest-known evolving animal - a "living dinosaur" called a tuatara. The tuatara, Sphendon punctatus, resembles a lizard and is found only in New Zealand. It is the only surviving member of a reptilian order Sphehodontia that lived alongside early dinosaurs and separated from other reptiles 200 million years ago in the Upper Triassic period. To make the estimate of evolutionary speed, researchers recovered DNA sequences from the bones of ancient...

2008-03-20 16:30:00

New DNA research has questioned previous notions about the evolution of the tuatara In a study of New Zealand's "living dinosaur" the tuatara, evolutionary biologist, and ancient DNA expert, Professor David Lambert and his team from the Allan Wilson Centre for Molecular Ecology and Evolution recovered DNA sequences from the bones of ancient tuatara, which are up to 8000 years old. They found that, although tuatara have remained largely physically unchanged over very long periods of...

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