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2014-01-08 08:21:18

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Jan. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - Packers Plus Energy Services Inc. has increased production rates and decreased costs for TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd. (NYSE MKT:TAT) (TSX:TNP) in Turkey. Over the last eight months, the two companies have installed the Packers Plus StackFRAC(®) open hole multi-stage completion system and have seen initial production rates increase as much as 300%. By using the Packers Plus StackFRAC system in the Teslimkoy and Middle...

2014-01-08 08:20:19

ISTANBUL, January 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- While Passenger Car Market Increased 19.48%, Light Commercial Vehicle Market Decreased 14.79%. In 2013, Turkey's passenger car and light commercial vehicle total market increased 9.72% in comparison to the last year and presented a number of 853,378. In 2012, a total market sales value of 777,761 was reached. Passenger car sales went up 19.48% in 2013, in comparison to the last...

2013-12-30 04:20:34

LONDON, December 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- OB10 and Digital Planet form an alliance to streamline invoice processing As new Turkish e-Invoicing regulations come into force in January 2014, two leading service providers have partnered to bring world-class electronic invoicing to Turkey. The alliance between OB10, the global e-Invoicing network that is part of Tungsten Corporation plc, and Digital Planet, Turkey's leading e-Invoicing solution provider, will enable...

2013-12-17 23:19:41

Axiros, the technology leader in advanced service and device management, announced today that it has been selected by Turkish telecommunications giant D-SMART for the remote provisioning, management and monitoring of its deployed broadband services. Munich, Germany (PRWEB) December 17, 2013 Axiros, the technology leader in advanced service and device management, announced today that it has been selected by Turkish telecommunications giant D-SMART for the remote provisioning, management...

2013-12-06 23:19:55

Researchers in Mexico say the central part of the country could face a significant risk of mesothelioma from the same mineral that has caused hundreds of deaths in Turkey. Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) December 06, 2013 A new study published in Environmental Geochemistry and Health and reported by Surviving Mesothelioma has found large concentrations of the mesothelioma-causing mineral erionite in Central Mexico. The study is focused on the region around San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato. In the...

2013-12-02 23:28:49

A new Turkey travel resource website, created and written by locals of the country, has just been launched with the help of premium domain and web site specialists, Igloo.com. Turkey.com offers dynamic information about everything Turkish, from events and travel tips to history and cultural information. Melbourne, VIC (PRWEB) December 02, 2013 Just a few weeks ago, a sleek new Turkey travel resource site was launched. With content written entirely by natives of the country, Turkey.com...

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Lake Van Monster
2013-09-17 13:16:12

The Lake Van Monster is a legendary creature said to inhabit Lake Van in Eastern Turkey. The first reported sighting was in 1995. However, in a article from April 29, 1889, in the newspaper Saadet, a report tells of a man who was dragged into the water by a creature while he was doing wudu. After this report the Turkish Government sent a scientific survey group to the lake but no evidence was found of a creature. An ancient engraving is said to be within a church on one of the four islands...

2012-04-03 18:08:27

The Compass Jellyfish, (Chrysaora hysoscella), is a fairly common species of jellyfish that is found in the coastal waters around the United Kingdom and Turkey. It has a diameter of up to 12 inches. It has 24 tentacles arranged in eight groups of three. It is typically colored yellowish white, with some brown.

2009-02-27 14:42:24

The Krüper's Nuthatch (Sitta krueperi) is a species of nuthatch found in southeast Europe and southwest Asia. It occurs in Turkey, Georgia, Russia and on the Greek island of Lesvos. It inhabits pine forest at lower altitudes, and it is also found in spruce, fir, cedar and sometimes juniper forests at higher altitudes. In Turkey it is abundant in Turkish pine. In the Caucasus region the bird lives in spruce forests between 3200 and 6500 feet in elevation. This species is declining in...

2008-05-27 14:17:13

The Kangal Dog is a mastiff type sheep dog which originated in Turkey. It is a large breed, not used to herd, but instead used as a guardian for livestock. The ancestors of the breed likely migrated from central Asia to Turkey with the Oghuz Turks who fled from Genghis Khan. The breed is one of over 30 livestock guardian breeds in Europe and Asia and is regarded as a treasure in Turkey. Major interest in the breed occurred during the 1980s, and the Turkish army began to train the Kangal...

2008-05-06 14:47:35

The Nine-spined Stickleback (Pungitius pungitius), is a species of fish in the Gasterosteidae family. It is found in Belarus, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greenland, Ireland, Japan, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Republic of, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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