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2005-12-13 16:32:00

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The narwhal's mysterious spiral tusk works as a giant sensor to help it test water qualities and to smooch other narwhals, a U.S. researcher said on Tuesday. The whale's eight-foot (2.4-meter) long tusk has long mystified naturalists and hunters, and the explanation may be equally intriguing, Harvard School of Dental Medicine researcher Dr. Martin Nweeia said. The tusk, it seems, has hydrodynamic-sensing capabilities, Nweeia said in a statement released ahead...

2005-10-21 12:39:44

WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland's presidential race between pro-business candidate Donald Tusk and conservative Lech Kaczynski has turned into a dead heat two days before voting, an opinion poll showed on Friday. The survey by pollster OBOP, carried out for public television on a sample of 1,500 people, put support for long-time favorite Tusk at 50.9 percent and Kaczynski at 49.1.

2005-10-09 17:13:24

By Pawel Sobczak and Natalia Reiter WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland's free-market enthusiast Donald Tusk won most votes in presidential elections on Sunday, putting him in the leading position for an October 23 run-off against conservative Lech Kaczynski, partial results showed. The results from 32 percent of districts counted gave Tusk 35.4 percent of the vote, 2.5 percentage points ahead of runner-up Kaczynski, the Warsaw mayor who campaigned hard on a promise of a "moral revolution" and...

2005-10-09 00:17:07

By Wojciech Moskwa and Malgorzata Rakowiec GDANSK, Poland (Reuters) - Poles began voting in a presidential election on Sunday that could decide whether Poland pursues new market reforms or focuses on traditional conservative values since completing its long trek into the EU. The last opinion polls showed moderate pro-business candidate Donald Tusk with a slim lead over conservative Lech Kaczynski but that neither candidate had enough support to avoid a run-off vote in two weeks'...

2005-08-20 14:11:49

BRAZZAVILLE (Reuters) - Police in Congo Republic seized 253 kg (557 lb) of elephant tusks that poachers were trying to smuggle out of the country by air, police said on Saturday. Police discovered the haul consisting of 66 pieces of ivory at the Maya-Maya international airport in the capital Brazzaville on Friday, saying it was probably destined to be smuggled out of West Africa via Ivory Coast's main city Abidjan. "We have caught the forwarding agent, and the investigation in...

2005-07-16 22:05:44

BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese elephants are evolving into an increasingly tuskless breed because poaching is changing the gene pool, a newspaper reported on Sunday. Five to 10 percent of Asian elephants in China now had a gene that prevented the development of tusks, up from the usual 2 to 5 percent, the China Daily said, quoting research from Beijing Normal University. "The larger tusks the male elephant has, the more likely it will be shot by poachers," said researcher Zhang Li, an...

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Wild Boar, Sus scrofa
2012-10-27 14:28:45

The wild boar (Sus scrofa) is native across many areas in Central and Northern Europe, Asia, and the Mediterranean Region. Its range was much larger centuries ago, extending into the British Isles, Korea, and many areas of Eurasia. This range is now smaller, due to hunting and captive boars re-entering the wild. Its range now extends to Indonesia, and it has been introduced into Australasia and the Americas, although this is mostly for hunting purposes. Other common names for this species...

2007-10-22 15:09:47

The Babirusa or pig-deer (Babyrousa babyrussa), is a pig-like animal native to Sulawesi and surrounding islands of Indonesia. Its habitat is the underbrush of tropical forests and canebrakes, and the shores of rivers and lakes. The Babirusa was once considered a single species, but recent studies show it as a member of the pig family and one of the oldest living members. It is considered an endangered species. It is mostly hairless, mottled-grey-and-brown hide provide it with a degree of...

2007-01-23 14:12:57

Walruses are large semi-aquatic mammals that live in the cold Arctic seas of the Northern Hemisphere. There are 6 populations in the arctic and 2 or 3 subspecies exist. The Pacific walrus is slightly larger, with males weighing up to 4,180 lb (1,900 kg), but Atlantic males top out at 3,500 lb (1,600 kg). The walrus should not be confused with the elephant seal. Walruses are members of the order Carnivora and suborder (or alternatively super family) Pinnipedia. They are the only members in...

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