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2011-12-10 01:14:41

Depressive symptoms and impaired physical function were common and long-lasting during the first two years following acute lung injury (ALI).

2011-07-22 14:52:53

Positive emotions like joy and compassion are good for your mental and physical health, and help foster creativity and friendship.

2011-05-10 11:07:00

DETROIT, May 10, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A landmark study by scientists at Wayne State University published in the May 6, 2011, issue of Archives of General Psychiatry, the most prestigious journal in the field, has revealed a new way to distinguish children with major depressive disorder (MDD) from not only normal children, but also from children with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

2009-07-27 18:01:00

A lack of sunlight can lead to reduced mental performance, not just mood disorders, among depressed people, a U.S.

2009-07-01 08:50:00

A study in the July 1 issue of the journal SLEEP suggests that postpartum depression may aggravate an already impaired sleep quality, as experiencing difficulties with sleep is a symptom of depression.

2008-10-09 09:00:52

Families for Depression Awareness (www.familyaware.org), a national non-profit organization that helps families recognize and cope with depressive disorders, has launched a series of six audio podcasts for family members or friends of people with depression or bipolar disorder.

2008-10-01 18:00:49

Sleeplessness can be annoying and unhealthy, but for the elderly who have suffered depression it can mean another bout of depression, researchers said.

2008-09-08 15:10:00

Women who exercise and are more positive about their changing shapes are less depressed both during and after pregnancy, U.S. researchers said.

2006-07-11 12:15:00

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - For people who have recovered from a bout of clinical depression, mild emotional stress or sadness can reactivate depressive thinking and this may increase the risk of relapse, researchers report.

2005-11-14 12:26:44

How parents treat their adolescent children, including the way they discipline them, as well as the kind of life events and social interactions teenagers experience, can affect an adolescent's risk of depression, regardless of any genetic predisposition towards the mental illness.

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