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Tropical Storm Saola And Typhoon Damrey Arm-in-Arm Near China Seen By NASA Satellites
2012-08-02 14:51:27

Tropical Storm Saola and Typhoon Damrey appear on NASA satellite imagery to be arm-in-arm as they enter China on August 2. NASA's Terra satellite passed over both tropical cyclones and captured them in one image, using the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) instrument onboard. MODIS captured a visible image on August 2, 2012 at 0245 UTC that showed the southern extent (or arm) of Typhoon Damrey, making landfall north of Shanghai, feeding into the northern extent (or arm)...

2005-10-04 03:46:33

BEIJING (Reuters) - The death toll from Typhoon Longwang in China climbed to 15 people and dozens of military students were still missing, media reported on Tuesday. In the central province of Hubei authorities evacuated about 24,000 people from along the banks of a tributary of the Yangtze River, in what the official Xinhua news agency said was the worst flooding since 1981. Xinhua said 730,000 people in all had been evacuated to protect them from the 19th typhoon to hit China this...

2005-10-03 21:16:47

BEIJING (Reuters) - Authorities have evacuated about 13,000 people from a flood hit region of central China along the banks of a tributary of the Yangtze River, the official Xinhua news agency said. More heavy rain is expected to fall in the next two days in the province of Hubei and the local government is on alert for further flooding along the Hanjiang River, Xinhua said in an overnight report seen on Tuesday. "The flood is still under control though it seems still severe," Cai...

2005-10-02 01:12:09

TAIPEI (Reuters) - Typhoon Longwang headed for China after swirling through Taiwan on Sunday, injuring at least 34 people. As the storm approached, more than 200,000 people were evacuated from boats to land in China's eastern province of Fujian, state media said. Most of those injured in Taiwan suffered cuts from broken glass, while strong winds lifted roofs off four homes and a university dormitory in the east coast mountain city of Hualien, disaster response officials at Taiwan's...

2005-10-01 20:28:43

TAIPEI (Reuters) - Typhoon Longwang lashed Taiwan on Sunday, enveloping the island with driving winds and rain as it churned toward China. At least 34 people were injured, most from broken glass, while strong winds lifted roofs off four homes and a university dormitory in the east coast mountain city of Hualien, disaster response officials at Taiwan's National Fire Administration said. The eye of the storm was almost directly over the center of the island by 0000 GMT as the storm...

2005-09-30 21:17:47

TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan issued sea and land warnings as Typhoon Longwang approached the island, the Central Weather Bureau said on Saturday. As of 0115 GMT on Saturday, the center of the storm was about 550 km (340 miles) east of Taiwan and traveling northwest at 22 kph, with sustained winds of up to 184 kph and maximum gusts of 227 kph, the Central Weather Bureau said. "Rains are expected to fall harder in the north and east late today due to the typhoon and winds will become...

2005-09-11 05:36:19

By Nick Macfie BEIJING (Reuters) - A typhoon made a direct hit on a sprawling city in prosperous eastern China on Sunday after nearly a million villagers and farmers had been evacuated from flimsy coastal and hillside huts to safety. Typhoon Khanun, which spared the island of Taiwan on Saturday after forecasts predicted a near direct hit, made landfall in China's mountainous Zhejiang province, where storms regularly trigger fatal floods and landslides. The new city of Taizhou, with...

2005-09-11 02:56:50

BEIJING (Reuters) - China has evacuated hundreds of thousands of people living in the path of a typhoon which was forecast on Sunday to lash the east coast as it heads toward Shanghai, state media said. Typhoon Khanun, which spared the island of Taiwan on Saturday, would unleash its full force between coastal Cangnan and Dinghai counties in Zhejiang province. The port of Ningbo was directly in its path, according to Tropical Storm Risk Web typhoon tracker. "More than 305,000...

2005-09-03 21:59:30

BEIJING (Reuters) - A typhoon has killed up to 56 people in eastern China after unleashing torrential rains and triggering floods and landslides, state media said on Sunday. Typhoon Talim, which swept across mainland China's east coast from Thursday, after battering the island of Taiwan, had claimed some 40 lives in Anhui province alone, the Beijing News said. Economic damage was estimated at 7.1 billion yuan, the Xinhua news agency said late on Saturday. Xinhua put the total death...

2005-09-02 03:53:10

BEIJING (Reuters) - A typhoon killed 14 people as it swept across Taiwan and tore into China, triggering landslides and forcing hundreds of thousands to flee their homes, Chinese state media and Taiwan rescue officials said on Friday. Typhoon Talim, which has since weakened into a tropical storm, killed nine people in mudslides and cave-ins on Thursday in mountainous parts of China's eastern Zhejiang province, Xinhua news agency said. Fifteen people were missing. In one county alone,...

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