Latest Typhoon Talim Stories

Tropical Depression Talim becoming disorganized Seen By NASA
2012-06-22 07:27:32

Tropical Storm Talim has weakened overnight due to stronger wind shear and land interaction and is now a depression.

Heaviest Rainfall In Tropical Storm Talim's Southwestern Side Revealed By NASA
2012-06-18 15:54:37

Tropical Storm Talim was born today in the South China Sea, and NASA's TRMM satellite noticed the heaviest rainfall in the storm is occurring in the south and western quadrants of the storm.

2005-09-11 05:36:19

By Nick Macfie BEIJING (Reuters) - A typhoon made a direct hit on a sprawling city in prosperous eastern China on Sunday after nearly a million villagers and farmers had been evacuated from flimsy coastal and hillside huts to safety.

2005-09-11 02:56:50

BEIJING (Reuters) - China has evacuated hundreds of thousands of people living in the path of a typhoon which was forecast on Sunday to lash the east coast as it heads toward Shanghai, state media said.

2005-09-04 04:57:22

BEIJING (Reuters) - China's eastern province of Zhejiang is bracing for more storms triggered by typhoon Nabi after another tropical storm battered the area and killed at least 56 people, state media said on Sunday.

2005-09-03 21:59:30

BEIJING (Reuters) - A typhoon has killed up to 56 people in eastern China after unleashing torrential rains and triggering floods and landslides, state media said on Sunday.

2005-09-02 03:53:10

BEIJING (Reuters) - A typhoon killed 14 people as it swept across Taiwan and tore into China, triggering landslides and forcing hundreds of thousands to flee their homes, Chinese state media and Taiwan rescue officials said on Friday.

2005-09-01 21:47:14

BEIJING (Reuters) - Typhoon Talim killed five people as it swept across Taiwan and China's eastern coast and forced hundreds of thousands to flee their homes, but has since been downgraded to a tropical storm, state media said on Friday.

2005-09-01 04:32:27

BEIJING (Reuters) - Typhoon Talim swept into southern China on Thursday after killing two people in Taiwan and injuring 39 as the island shut businesses, schools and financial markets to ride out the storm.

2005-09-01 01:22:24

By Michael Kramer TAIPEI (Reuters) - Typhoon Talim churned toward south China after sweeping through Taiwan on Thursday, killing one person and injuring 24 as the island shut businesses, schools and financial markets to ride out the storm.

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