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2011-01-11 10:33:46

By Robert Sanders, University of California, Berkeley An unusual galaxy with gas jets could explain how starforming galaxies become red and dead University of California, Berkeley, astronomers may have found the missing link between gas-filled, star-forming galaxies and older, gas-depleted galaxies typically characterized as "red and dead." In a poster to be presented this week at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Seattle, UC Berkeley astronomers report that a long-known...

2010-12-22 15:15:00

By Robert Sanders,  UC Berkeley Richard Muller is a guy who thinks spouting fun physics facts will make you the life of the party. And his new book, "The Instant Physicist: An Illustrated Guide," may just convince you he's right. Who knew, for example, that liquor, by law, must be radioactive? Or that you really can get your clothes whiter than white? Or that the earth is travelling through space at a million miles per hour? These are some of the astonishing facts Muller, a professor of...

2010-12-20 09:34:40

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have developed a new technique that allows plasmon lasers to operate at room temperature, overcoming a major barrier to practical utilization of the technology. The achievement, described Dec. 19 in an advanced online publication of the journal Nature Materials, is a "major step towards applications" for plasmon lasers, said the research team's principal investigator, Xiang Zhang, UC Berkeley professor of mechanical engineering and...

2010-12-16 14:34:47

By Yasmin Anwar, UC Berkeley Older people have a hard time keeping a lid on their feelings, especially when viewing heartbreaking or disgusting scenes in movies and reality shows, psychologists have found. But they're better than their younger counterparts at seeing the positive side of a stressful situation and empathizing with the less fortunate, according to research from the University of California, Berkeley. A team of researchers led by UC Berkeley psychologist Robert Levenson is...

2010-12-09 07:02:01

By Yasmin Anwar, University of California, Berkeley Like the mute button on the TV remote control, our brains filter out unwanted noise so we can focus on what we're listening to. But when it comes to following our own speech, a new brain study from the University of California, Berkeley, shows that instead of one homogenous mute button, we have a network of volume settings that can selectively silence and amplify the sounds we make and hear. Neuroscientists from UC Berkeley, UCSF and Johns...

2010-12-01 10:10:00

By Carol Ness, UC Berkeley Beauty and truth aren't the first things that come to mind, for most people, when they think about math. Berkeley math professor Edward Frenkel is trying to change that. He tells his classes in multivariable calculus that one of his goals is to unlock the subject's inherent beauty for them, the truth revealed by a mathematical formula. And now, the culture itself is his audience. Frenkel has come out with a 26-minute feature film that aims to achieve that goal...

2010-11-25 22:14:57

Clean energy investments in rural areas go hand-in-hand with alleviating poverty In the developing world, reducing greenhouse gas emissions is often seen as being in conflict with alleviating poverty, since improving the standard of living is usually associated with increased energy use. A clean energy development initiative in rural Nicaragua, however, demonstrates that there are cost effective steps developing nations can take to reduce carbon emissions and at the same time help the rural...

2010-11-23 10:35:00

By Yasmin Anwar, UC Berkeley Questions and answers with UC Berkeley parenting guru Christine Carter Drawing from research and personal experience, Christine Carter "” a sociologist, happiness expert, and director of UC Berkeley's Greater Good Parents program "” shares insights on how practicing gratitude, not just at Thanksgiving but year-round, can make for happier families. Q. Aren't we born grateful? Why do kids need to learn this? A. No. Most of us are actually born feeling...

2010-11-17 11:55:00

By Yasmin Anwar, UC Berkeley Apocalyptic warnings challenge beliefs that world is just and stable Dire or emotionally charged warnings about the consequences of global warming can backfire if presented too negatively, making people less amenable to reducing their carbon footprint, according to new research from the University of California, Berkeley. "Our study indicates that the potentially devastating consequences of global warming threaten people's fundamental tendency to see the world as...

2010-11-10 09:06:24

By Robert Sanders, UC Berkeley University of California, Berkeley, scientists have found a way to overcome one of the main limitations of ultrasound imaging "“ the poor resolution of the picture. Everyone who has had an ultrasound, including most pregnant women, is familiar with the impressionistic nature of the images. One of the limits to the detail obtainable with sonography is the frequency of the sound. The basic laws of physics dictate that the smallest objects you can "see" are...

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2009-07-14 16:50:21

Einsteinium is a metallic synthetic element with the symbol Es and atomic number 99. It became the seventh transuranic (atomic number higher than 99) element produced. It was named for Albert Einstein. It is an element found within the actinoid series which includes Actinium. Though it has only been produced in small amounts, it has been accurately determined to be silver in coloration. Like all synthetic elements, einsteinium isotopes are highly radioactive and are extremely toxic. Besides...

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