Latest UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center Stories

2008-06-19 12:00:17

By Jane E. Brody To see Barry Cooper working out at the YMCA in Brooklyn, New York, every morning before going to work as a patent lawyer, you would be unlikely to guess that he has cancer.

2008-03-18 09:35:00

UCLA researchers have developed a feedback control scheme that can search for the most effective drug combinations to treat a variety of conditions, including cancers and infections. The discovery could play a significant role in facilitating new clinical drug-cocktail trials.

2008-01-22 11:15:00

Using nanotechnology, scientists from UCLA and Northwestern University have developed a localized and controlled drug delivery method that is invisible to the immune system, a discovery that could provide newer and more effective treatments for cancer and other diseases.

2007-10-02 09:01:20

CLEVELAND, Oct. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- For the first time in a comic strip, Funky Winkerbean creator Tom Batiuk has depicted the death of a young wife and mother from the recurrence of breast cancer.

2006-08-31 13:30:00

Genetically altered immune cells wiped out tumors in two men with a deadly form of skin cancer and kept the patients disease-free for at least 18 months, U.S. scientists said on Thursday.

2006-01-12 08:03:21

LONDON (Reuters) - Many British patients suffering from cancer are waiting too long before being seen by a specialist, although referral times have improved over the last five years, a House of Commons committee said on Thursday.

2005-09-20 15:52:26

Researchers have identified a gene mutation that may increase the risk of prostate cancer up to three times in African-American men with a family history of the disease.

2005-08-24 17:51:37

The first clinical trial of a biologic nanoparticle designed to give back to cancer patients the tumor-busting gene they have lost is expected to start in September at Georgetown University Medical Center.

2005-07-18 04:58:59

A product produced by lung cancer tumors fuels the cells that suppress immune function in patients and may be a target for Celebrex therapy, giving oncologists another weapon to fight cancer, according to a study by researchers at UCLA's Jonsson Cancer Center.

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