Latest UK Office for National Statistics Stories

2012-01-19 11:17:10

Although around two thirds of us would prefer to die at home, in the developed world the trend in recent years has been for the majority to spend their final days in an institutional setting. But according to new research available in the journal Palliative Medicine, published by SAGE and from King's College London, the tide has now turned and an increasing number of people in the UK are dying at home. In England and Wales, the number of deaths at home nearly halved from 1974 to 2003. If...

Birth Month Suggest Career Path
2011-09-05 08:34:07

  According to a new study, the month in which your child is born may determine what career he or she is likely to follow as an adult. The study, conducted by the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS), found that being born in a certain month indicates a statistical likelihood of what job a person will end up with. Researchers in the study also found that the month in which babies are born could also affect everything from intelligence to how long they live. Using information...

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