Latest United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Stories

2008-12-12 08:25:16

According to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the world must agree to a "Green New Deal" to fix its climate and economic woes. "We must re-commit ourselves to the urgency of our cause," Ban told 100 environment ministers in Poznan, Poland, who were reviewing the progress of a new U.N. climate treaty. "The financial crisis cannot be an excuse for inaction or for backsliding on your commitments," he said. The climate crisis "affects our potential prosperity and peoples' lives, both now and...

2008-12-12 04:26:00

POZNAN, Poland, December 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Yesterday at the Climate summit in Poznan, the Swedish government announced that it will provide USD 500 million to help developing countries to prepare, plan for and cope with the effects of climate change. However, while the Swedish contributions are significant, they are still insufficient to meet the adaptation needs of developing countries. This contribution, combined with earlier pledges to the World Bank and European Union, confirms...

2008-12-11 16:34:00

Poznan Panel of Experts Discuss Importance of Black Carbon, the Montreal Protocol, Biochar, and Methane as Part of Global Climate Strategy POZNAN, Poland, Dec. 11 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The world is already close to passing the tipping points for abrupt climate change events, and if strong measures aren't taken immediately the results will be catastrophic, concluded panelists during a side event at the UN climate conference in Poznan Tuesday night. Both scientific experts and government...

2008-12-09 15:25:58

The U.N.'s top climate official said on Tuesday that the United States and other rich nations must pledge specific targets by the end of next year for cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 to win agreement on a U.N. climate pact. But many analysts predict that President-elect Barack Obama may not be ready to set formal emissions targets for 2020 within a year, and that economic recession could delay an end-2009 deadline by 190 nations for agreement on a new U.N. global warming pact. Yvo de...

2008-11-19 08:30:00

A single entity focused on controlling the use of carbon credit trading to stop deforestation could be in the near future, as rainforest nations plan to lobby the United Nations at a conference next month in Poland. "A new body should be built to coordinate initiatives (on cutting emissions from deforestation) that are going around now," Federica Bietta, Deputy Director of New York-based Coalition for Rainforest Nations, which represents about 40 countries, said during a deforestation...

2008-10-06 14:25:00

Efforts to fight climate change must not be allowed to falter amid the global financial crisis, said Yvo de Boer, Executive Secretary of the U.N.'s Framework Convention on Climate Change. De Boer said he was concerned about the impact the current credit crisis may have on international initiatives to combat climate change as U.S. and European governments sink cash into sustaining commercial banks. "You can only spend a dollar or a euro once," he said. "I certainly think it's a worrying...

2008-08-26 08:20:00

U.N. delegates said progress is pulling ahead on ways to slow deforestation in developing countries, during climate talks in Ghana. "It's moving pretty well now," said Yvo de Boer, head of the U.N. Climate Change Secretariat. He said the discussions are defining the building blocks of a new U.N. global warming pact to be solidified by the end of 2009."We're getting beyond some of the rhetoric," he said of the 160-nation meeting among about 1,500 delegates. "People are beginning to understand...

2008-07-09 03:00:04

Text of report in English by Japan's largest news agency Kyodo [By Janice Tang] Toyako, Japan, July 9 - Leaders of 16 major greenhouse gas emitters agreed Wednesday on the need for "deep cuts" in global emissions but failed to concur on a specific numerical target during their meeting a day after the Group of Eight leaders declared they want the world to share the vision of halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The G-8 and the heads of Brazil, China, India, Mexico, South Africa,...

2008-07-07 08:00:00

The U.N. climate chief told world leaders Friday that food shortages and climate changes are undeniably connected, and urged the world's richest countries to reduce carbon emissions in the next dozen years. G-8 host, Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda, set the global warming theme. However, experts believe food security and sky rocketing oil prices will overtake climate change as the priorities. Yvo de Boer, executive secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change said food...

2008-04-24 10:30:00

China's Minister of Science and Technology, Wan Gang, announced the need for "a mechanism for technological transfer" among international community to share technological advancement with developing countries that need help combating global warming.China currently produces more greenhouse gases than any other country on earth. Chinese government officials refuse to adhere to an international agreement to reduce emissions, but claims it will increase its energy efficiency.Wan spoke before a...

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