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2008-10-11 15:00:29

NBC executives have ordered up four more episodes of the first-season U.S. TV series "Knight Rider," The Hollywood Reporter says. The entertainment publication reported Friday the series, a remake of a 1980s action series, received the new script order despite a sluggish ratings start this season.

2008-10-04 00:00:14

By Gail Pennington Talk about culture shock. As of this week, "regular TV" is back, and TV hasn't really been regular since last winter, when the writers strike disrupted network schedules. Sooner or later, every series was forced into premature reruns, and some never returned.

2008-09-03 12:00:17

By RITA SHERROW Welcome to the fall TV season - sort of. Usually, the fall TV schedule is kind of a voyage of discovery, as each day and each channel offers something new and different to experience. Not this year.

2008-08-09 12:00:36

By Associated Press LOS ANGELES -- Crimebusters, hoofers and klutzes were ratings winners last week as the summertime slate of police dramas and reality shows held fast.

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