Latest United States offshore drilling debate Stories

2008-08-13 18:00:39

SEN. John Kerry was on the phone and the words were coming in a rush. "It's a completely fraudulent argument," he said. "It's misleading.

2008-08-13 18:00:39

TO THE EDITOR: Energy drives the U.S. economy, from agriculture to industry, to our homes and our vehicles. The rise of the Chinese and Indian economies, in particular, has increased worldwide demand with a stable, or decreased, level of supply.

2008-08-12 15:00:56

Big Oil, its cronies in Congress and the Bush administration are exploiting the pain we are feeling at the pump by touting drilling as a solution, even though they know drilling will not lower prices at the pump.

2008-08-08 03:00:39

By Winston Porter If the effort in Congress to deny oil companies access to new areas for offshore drilling is a bad idea -- and it is -- then the consequences of such a political move are even worse: less oil, more volatility in gasoline prices and reduced funding for highway repairs and maintenance.

2008-08-07 15:00:49

By FROMA HARROP IN A RARE BURST of bipartisan consensus, Senators John McCain and Barack Obama have agreed on a dreadful proposal: Open more of America's fragile coastlines to offshore oil drilling. How is it awful? Let me count the ways. 1.

2008-08-06 09:00:55

Last week's energy debate in Congress gives voters concerned about gas prices a good idea where U.S. energy policy is headed.

2008-08-06 09:00:55

I don't mind if people want to debate about offshore drilling, as long as they realize that what they are debating about is obtaining about seven months worth of oil in 2017.

2008-08-05 15:00:56

Oil extraction on federal lands and off the coast has quickly become the continental divide of energy policy in this presidential election year. Congressional Democrats have, for the most part, opposed lifting the ban on offshore oil drilling. Republicans, for the most part, support it.

2008-08-05 09:01:21

Sen. Barack Obama's limited, qualified reversal on offshore oil drilling may be a hopeful sign of energy realism on his part. Still, it's far too early to tell how meaningful it will be in the effort to unlock huge deposits of oil and natural gas below American waters.

2008-08-04 09:00:55

By Janice Francis-Smith U.S. Rep. Frank Lucas is one of Oklahoma's Republican representatives in Congress who ascribes to the Republican Party's call for increased domestic production of oil and natural gas, including offshore drilling.

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