Latest United States – Oman Free Trade Agreement Stories

2006-07-18 17:28:03

By Doug Palmer WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Congressional opponents of a free-trade pact with Oman raised concerns on Tuesday about provisions they said could jeopardize U.S. port security, but other lawmakers said they were misstating the facts.

2006-06-26 19:21:02

By Doug Palmer WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A bill sent by President Bush to Congress on Monday enacting a free trade agreement with the Arab Gulf state of Oman triggered a rebuke from the top Senate Democrat, who said it omitted a provision barring goods made with forced labor.

2006-05-18 17:13:51

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Senate Finance Committee gave preliminary approval on Thursday to a free trade agreement with Oman, as the Bush administration sought to quell concerns about other Arab free trade partners.

2006-05-08 15:59:35

By Doug Palmer WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Congression

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