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2009-10-20 04:00:00

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- According to a fallacious diary, penned by satirist Joey Green, when Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin stepped inside the voting booth in her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska, on election day last year, she cast her vote for Barack Obama. "Sarah Palin's Secret Diary," a "genuine imitation" of the former Alaska governor's private journal, also reveals that Palin seriously asked the producers of "Saturday Night Live" if she could waterboard...

2009-09-23 12:10:00

BOSTON, Sept. 23 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- One person really can change the world. Well, in this case, maybe it takes two. Tired of the outbursts at Congressional Town Hall meetings, and hateful demonstrations that continue to pit person against person and Democrat against Republican, the hosts of a popular weekly political show on the Internet have created the National Debate Series (http://nationaldebateseries.com) to promote a healthy discussion of issues. The forums will take place...

2009-09-20 21:09:50

A Huntsville, Ala., defense contractor was the high bidder in an eBay auction for dinner with Sarah and Todd Palin, the auction Web site said. Cathy Maples bid $63,000 for the right to invite four guests to eat with the Palins, the New York Daily News reported Sunday. The opening bid was $25,000. Seven people entered 61 bids, The proceeds will go to Ride 2 Recovery, a charity supporting wounded veterans through cycling programs. Maples owns a defense contracting company and says she fully...

2009-09-15 13:25:00

Barack Obama has agreed to be the first sitting U.S. president to appear on Late Show with David Letterman, CBS announced Tuesday. Obama is scheduled to appear on next Monday's edition of the television chat show. He is to be the sole guest on the broadcast, CBS said. This will be Obama's first visit back to the show since his election last Nopvember. He previously appeared on Letterman five times. His last show was Sept. 10, 2008 during the height of his 2008 presidential election campaign.

2009-09-08 11:12:45

Parenthood is pushing mothers and fathers in opposite directions on political issues associated with social welfare, from health care to education, according to new research from North Carolina State University. "Parenthood seems to heighten the political "Ëœgender gap,' with women becoming more liberal and men more conservative when it comes to government spending on social welfare issues," says Dr. Steven Greene, an associate professor of political science at NC State and...

2009-08-26 10:21:30

U.S. television actor Alec Baldwin says he has no plans to pursue a political career at this time. The Emmy Award-winning star of 30 Rock was quoted in Playboy magazine earlier this year as saying he might move to Connecticut to challenge longtime U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman for his seat. Baldwin contradicted the report in a blog posting last month, the Hartford Courant said. No, I am not moving to Connecticut to run against Joe Lieberman. As much as I think Lieberman is an enormous letdown...

2009-08-25 07:00:00

WASHINGTON, Aug. 25 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A new nationwide poll of American voters shows President Obama leading major 2012 Republican presidential contenders. The survey, conducted by Clarus Research Group, a nonpartisan research firm based in Washington, D.C., shows Obama leading GOP challengers by margins ranging from 9 to 19 points. In the poll, Obama led: Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, by nine points: 47 percent to 38 percent, with 15 percent undecided. Mike...

2009-08-15 13:44:00

NETROOTS see health care reform as top priority, prefer Sestak over Specter for SENATE nomination PITTSBURGH, Aug. 15 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Progressive bloggers and activists are focused on pushing comprehensive health care reform this year and overwhelmingly support Rep. Joe Sestak, D-Pa., over Sen. Arlen Specter, D-Pa., for the Pennsylvania Democratic Senate nomination, according to a straw poll at this year's Netroots Nation convention conducted by the Campaign for America's Future...

2009-08-12 14:55:00

A U.S. video game blogger has a theory about why a Sarah Palin-signed Xbox 360 was pulled from an eBay auction -- her first name appears to be misspelled. Blogger Game Guy said the Xbox, which was purportedly signed by the former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate during a picnic before she announced her resignation as governor July 3, seems to lack the final h in the politician's first name, making it the alternate spelling Sara, the St. Louis (Mo.) Post-Dispatch...

2009-07-23 09:00:00

Despite intense lobbying efforts against national healthcare reform, signs indicate that employers generally say they are divided on the issue. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce warned in an ad campaign this week that Democratic bills on healthcare would lead to a government takeover of the health system. But, at the same time, Wal-Mart was on record supporting a mandate on employers to provide health insurance, as was the temp firm Kelly Services. which employs thousands, The Washington Post...

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