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3D Plastics Printing Is Greener Than Conventional Manufacturing
2013-10-04 05:21:19

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online A new study finds that 3D printing of plastic products is not only cheaper, but also greener, because it releases less carbon dioxide than producing things en masse in a factory and shipping those products to a warehouse. Michigan Technological University’s Joshua Pearce conducted the study using a RepRap 3D printer designed for home use, which works by melting filament, usually plastic, and depositing it layer by layer in a...

2011-07-11 13:15:00

According to new research, algae growing in Roman Baths could be used to make fuel for cars. The Roman Baths are at the center of a university study aimed at producing renewable biofuels from algae. Studies have been carried out into creating biodiesel from algae for 20 years, but limitations currently prevent it being used on a large scale. Researchers hope to produce one of the seven algae in the baths in commercially viable quantities. Biodiesel is able to be produced by extracting the oil...

2010-04-14 08:22:40

A lightning researcher at the University of Bath has discovered that during thunderstorms, giant natural particle accelerators can form 40 km above the surface of the Earth. On Wednesday April 14th Dr. Martin Fullekrug will present his new work at the RAS National Astronomy Meeting (NAM 2010) in Glasgow. When particularly intense lightning discharges in thunderstorms coincide with high-energy particles coming in from space (cosmic rays), nature provides the right conditions to form a giant...

2010-01-25 14:00:00

Computer scientists at the University of Bath have developed a new way of making life-like animations of trees using video footage of the real thing. This technique could be used by animators and computer games designers to automatically generate realistic trees that move in a natural way. Most computer games and animations have a static background, or use a large team of animators to painstakingly draw each tree individually. Dr Peter Hall and Chris Li, of the University's Department of...

2009-07-27 11:39:14

While most studies of bacterial infection are done after the death of the infected organism, this system developed by scientists at the University of Bath and University of Exeter is the first to follow the progress of infection in real-time with living organisms.The researchers used developing fruit fly embryos as a model organism, injecting fluorescently tagged bacteria into the embryos and observing their interaction with the insect's immune system using time-lapse confocal microscopy.The...

2009-04-02 14:14:29

Some of the symptoms of the autistic condition Asperger Syndrome, such as a need for routine and resistance to change, could be linked to levels of the stress hormone cortisol, suggests new research led by the University of Bath.Normally, people have a surge of this hormone shortly after waking, with levels gradually decreasing throughout the day. It is thought this surge makes the brain alert, preparing the body for the day and helping the person to be aware of changes happening around...

2009-02-07 09:14:31

Scientists can easily explain the structural order that makes steel and aluminum out of molten metal.  And they have discovered the molecular changes that take place as water turns to ice. But, despite the fact that glass blowers have been plying their trade since the first century BC, we have only just begun to understand what makes molten glass solid. One hundred and fifty years after the construction of Crystal Palace at the Great Exhibition, scientists at The University of Nottingham...

2009-01-27 08:05:00

A recent study by researchers at the University of Bath and London's Natural History Museum has found that scientists' knowledge of the evolution of dinosaurs is remarkably complete. Evolutionary biologists use two ways to study the evolution of prehistoric plants and animals: firstly they use radioactive dating techniques to put fossils in chronological order according to the age of the rocks in which they are found (stratigraphy); secondly they observe and classify the characteristics of...

2008-12-19 14:20:33

Sexual abuse in childhood increases the risk of suicide in men by up to ten times, say researchers from the University of Bath. A recent study of Australian men has found that those who were sexually abused as children are more likely than women to contemplate taking their own lives. Whilst gender and mental health problems are the most important risk factors for contemplating suicide, it is increasingly acknowledged that traumatic experiences such as childhood sexual abuse may be a...

2008-12-11 13:29:53

A grasshopper served as the inspiration for a new robot that has the ability to leap and roll, allowing for better mobility over obstacles. Designed by Rhodri Armour, a Ph. D. student at the University of Bath, the robot mimics the way grasshoppers store kinetic energy and release it at once in a quick burst that enables them to achieve high jumps. Jollbot is spherical, which allows it to roll in any direction without the need for wheels. Its spherical design also eliminates the possibility...

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