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'Promiscuous' Enzymes Still Prevalent In Metabolism Shown By New Study
2012-08-31 13:12:26

Challenges fundamental notion of enzyme specificity and efficiency

2012-08-23 23:19:44

A study from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, published August 22 online by PLoS ONE, reports that muscle problems reported by patients taking statins were related to the strength or potency of the given cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Brain Scans Can Assess Child’s Age
2012-08-17 10:33:52

A group of researchers, led by scientists from the University of California, San Diego, have created a set of measurements that can measure a child’s age with 92 percent accuracy.

2012-07-22 23:01:02

UC San Diego Extension Digital Arts Center Video and Editing training program participates in developing the marketing, communication and fundraising strategies of non-profit companies by providing

2012-07-09 07:15:21

Researchers say that they have discovered the biological mechanism that causes the painful, reddish response to excessive UV radiation exposure.

Epigenetics Changes Genes In Rheumatoid Arthritis
2012-07-03 12:19:12

It's not just our DNA that makes us susceptible to disease and influences its impact and outcome.

'Graphene' A Tunable Plasmonic Medium
2012-06-20 13:07:27

With a beam of infrared light, scientists have sent ripples of electrons along the surface of graphene and demonstrated that they can control the length and height of these oscillations, called plasmons, using a simple electrical circuit.

Infectious Diseases Determined Current Gene Makeup
2012-06-05 08:08:25

Inactivation of 2 genes may have allowed escape from bacterial pathogens, researchers say.

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