Latest University of Gothenburg Stories

2012-03-05 23:25:56

Clouds have a profound effect on the climate, but we know surprisingly little about how they form.

2012-02-14 11:38:10

Performance practice within the Swedish song type known as "visa" changed during the 20th century from rural romanticism to protest song in the service of the left-wing political movement.

2012-02-14 11:36:49

Carbon nanotubes and graphene consist of just a couple of layers of carbon atoms, but they are lighter than aluminium, stronger than steel and can bend like spring-coils.

2012-02-14 11:30:06

The birds in the Iliad help warriors and kings make difficult decisions and satisfy the basic human need for self-esteem and security.

2012-02-14 11:11:19

Some call it 'the immigrant corner', the place in the school corridor that is reigned by loud immigrant boys.

2012-02-14 11:10:02

Physical exercise in the early twenties improves bone development and may reduce the risk of fractures later in life.

2012-02-14 10:17:35

Intelligence – what does it really mean?

2012-02-06 22:31:33

A large Scandinavian study, that has been running for 30 years, has finally provided convincing evidence that the combined oral contraceptive pill does, indeed, alleviate the symptoms of painful menstrual periods reports scientists from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

2012-02-06 22:29:28

The language that adolescents use is often described as sloppy, with an air of 'What's going to happen to all these kids who can't even talk properly?

2012-02-06 22:26:54

French philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty wrote several noted works during the period 1940-1960, discussing human corporeity and what it means for a human to have a body.

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