Latest University of Gothenburg Stories

2012-02-06 22:22:31

More and more people being cared for on ventilators are conscious during the treatment, but what is it like to be fully conscious without being able to communicate with the world around you?

2012-02-06 22:20:55

The stereotypical Christmas gift shopper is a stressed-to-the-max individual with a filled-to-the-rim shopping cart in a busy shopping mall.

2012-01-23 15:00:00

Montana Physical Therapy Clinic finds 1 in 2 patients seek treatment for back pain; results corroborate studies on effectiveness of physical therapy for low back pain. Kalispell,

2011-12-20 22:36:03

A Mediterranean diet with large amounts of vegetables and fish gives a longer life.

2011-12-20 22:19:18

Athenian pottery was exported to both east and west.

2011-12-20 18:34:29

Contact allergy affects around 20% of the population in the western world.

2011-12-20 18:32:05

Analysis of the cerebrospinal fluid can detect whether a person has Alzheimer's disease before symptoms appear.

2011-12-20 18:28:42

Undergoing surgery can be a terrifying experience for a child.

2011-12-20 18:26:44

Many of the particles in the atmosphere are produced by the natural world, and it is possible that plants have in recent decades reduced the effects of the greenhouse gases to which human activity has given rise.

2011-12-20 18:25:24

Scientists at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, have used advanced light microscopy to show that a substance can be differently absorbed by the skin, depending on what it is mixed with.

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