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2012-01-31 12:57:07

Can pregnant women improve their progeny’s intelligence by eating fish?

2011-11-14 22:49:22

University of Granada researchers have proven that infants born to women living in large cities are more likely to have higher weight at birth than those born to mothers living in rural areas.

2011-07-19 15:00:22

This significant progress –based on nanotechnology– has been achieved by researchers of the universities of Granada, Edimbourgh and Kebangsaan (Malaisie).

2011-06-16 13:05:48

Researchers at the University of Granada have proved that this method helps to reduce caesarean rate in women in labour with cardiotocographic recordings (CTG) compatible with the risk of loss of fetal wellbeing, and presents more advantages than pulse oximetry.

2011-04-06 21:55:11

The unmanned aerial vehicles –also named “drones”– that the CIA is employing against Al-Quaeda in Pakistan are inefficient to prevent new terrorist attacks against Europe and the USA. Nevertheless, drones are likely to keep being employed at the short and medium term since, as CIA’s director states, these vehicles are the only instrument that the USA has to undermine Al-Qaeda and taliban’s leadership and operating capacity in Pakistan.

2011-03-29 12:53:13

Women with osteoporosis in their hip suffer menopause two years earlier than healthy women.

2011-03-24 18:06:53

Researchers from the Department of Optics of the University of Granada, belonging to the Laboratorio de Ciencias de la Visión y Aplicaciones, have developed a programme for testing alterations in night vision, and the tool required to implement it, which has been named "halometer".

2011-03-17 20:06:16

Researchers at the University of Granada have proved that neuropsychological rehabilitation helps in significantly reducing cognitive, emotional and behavioural after-effects in patients with acquired brain injury, generaly due to traumatic brain injury and ictus.

2011-03-10 15:24:34

Researchers at the University of Granada have created a video game that will serve as a model to assess all aspects related to video games; it has also established a conceptual framework that will allow experts to assess players’ experiences.

2011-03-08 16:03:49

The incidence of eating disorders was found to be 2.3-fold higher among Muslim adolescents than among their Christian classmates.

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