Latest University of Granada Stories

2009-11-11 17:36:04

Jihadist networks "have been trying to implement their structure in Spain" since the 2004 Madrid train bombings, and therefore it is necessary for police authorities to "design and implement solutions to reduce the magnitude of the jihadist structural phenomenon in Spain".

2009-11-10 09:30:23

A research team of the University of Granada (Spain) has confirmed a higher presence of the parasite Anisakis spp in anchovies of the Atlantic South East coast and the Mediterranean North West coast, and they insist on freezing or cooking fish before consuming it.

2009-11-06 10:19:07

A researcher of the University of Granada has designed a new system for the mobility of military troops within a battlefield based on the mechanisms used by ant colonies to move using a commercial videogame.

2009-11-05 11:04:15

Melatonin, a natural hormone segregated by the own human body, is an excellent sleep regulator expected to replace somniferous, which are much more aggressive, to correct the sleep/wakefulness pace when human biological clock becomes altered.

2009-10-28 20:20:57

Spain holds position number 16 in the world ranking of countries where people live happier for more years, according to the last update of the World Database of Happiness (WDB Hap) in whose preparation have collaborated researchers of different Spanish universities, such as the University of Granada.

2009-10-28 19:40:11

Most of the adolescents think that bullying in the school context "has always happened and will continue happening", and present "a negative, pessimistic and resigned attitude" towards this social problem, which makes difficult the intervention and leaves few hopes for its eradication.

2009-10-22 10:38:34

The Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata, is a world plague which represents one of the most serious problems for agriculture. However, the control methods currently present in the market for this plague are ineffective.

2009-10-21 11:01:09

A research work carried out at the Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology of the University of Granada will speed up the identification of more than 2,000 missing persons in Kosovo during former Yugoslavia war, besides developing a new forensic technique based on the study of ribs and pubis, which will be very useful for the identification of persons in armed conflicts. This work, pioneer all over the world, has involved the study of one of the greatest forensic samples never before analyzed.

2009-10-13 14:59:39

Spain is the second country in the world where divorce is better accepted socially, only exceeded by Brazil. Likewise, 79 per cent of the Spanish people think that, when a couple is not able to solve their marital problems, divorce is the best solution, which places our country far ahead of the countries of the north of Europe, traditionally considered to be more liberal in the social acceptation of divorce.

2009-07-20 08:40:23

The Health Sciences Center of the University of North Texas and the University of Granada collaborate in DNA – Prokids, an international project aimed at fighting against traffic in children using the lasts techniques in genetic identification of human beings.

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