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2009-03-03 14:25:00

Gifted youths already know what they want to be when they grow up. They usually choose to study applied sciences, but when they are asked why they made their choices, they are not able to explain.

2008-11-17 09:30:00

Scientists have discovered new species of bacteria that can grow at low temperatures, spoiling raw milk even when it is refrigerated.

2008-09-03 11:45:00

Middle school children who have a television or computer in their room sleep less during the school year, watch more TV, play more computer games and surf the net more than their peers who don't.

2008-03-10 11:55:00

Israeli hospitals have recently started to use virtual reality therapy for stroke patients.

2008-02-26 10:15:00

Pregnant women who perceive having had a well-balanced relationship with their parents during their childhood will experience fewer difficulties in the transition to motherhood, as opposed to women whose relationship with their parents was characterized by unresolved anger or rejection – reveals a new study conducted at the University of Haifa.

2008-01-28 11:01:48

Recent research conducted at the University of Haifa found that children with autism improved their road safety skills after practicing with a unique virtual reality system. "Children with autism rarely have opportunities to experience or to learn to cope with day-to-day situations.

2005-05-24 07:45:00

Many of you don't go a day without dishing out several doses of sarcasm. But some brain-damaged people can't comprehend sarcasm, and Israeli researchers think it's because a specific brain region has gone dark.

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